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Words that sound funny to you

Nexus Cabler

\ ( :v ) /
This may seem silly, but there are some words out there in my local language that always at the very least make me grin and chuckle as I read them or say out loud.

Ones in particular are "flabbergasted" and "buffoon"

Share yours.


Blue frog
"Escalafobético" - Someone who behaves in a very clumsy and eccentric way
"Quixeramobim" - Name of a town
"Tititi" - Gossip, tittle-tattle
"Fiofó" - Anus (informal)

I love "flabbergasted". But when it comes to funny English words, I've once ran across "absquatulate" (run away with something or someone) and it sounds like water being violently poured into the toilet when the normal flushing doesn't work


Woof? Woof

Such a lovely word in such a vulgar manner. I love it!


Woof? Woof

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Shiba 柴

Japanese, means brushwood. It usually won't be punny or anything. However...

Shi'ba 시바
Sshi'ba 씨바 (stronger tongue on S)

Korean, it's an expression of exclamation, derived from the infamous insult among the locals. And that insult has quite a trip to trace back through the history of Korean language.....
The very origin has the meaning of F-word.
(Fun fact: The expression has nothing to do with Japanese)

Besides, some of you may know the Japanese dog species, Shiba Inu 柴犬 (Shiba Dog), which is more well known via the famous Shibe Doge meme.

Now, the meme itself is funny to some extent, and here we have this 씨바, which translates to "F○○○"(exclamation) nowadays.... Yeah it's funny to me as a Korean @w@
(F○○○ Doge)

Lastly, anything pronounced similar to Shi'ba, Shi'va, C'ba, C'va, etcetc. has chances to bring me awkward smiles. >p<
(Korean ㅂ (비읍 Bee'Eub) is the only thing that comes with B/V, but it's only pronounced B, not V)

For example...

시벌 Shi'Bul (Bowl, not Bull)
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Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Yeah, mat!
No, not mat, I mean... 'M'at.

That masculine voiced "Mm-mat" pronunciation from the particular 2000's English education video still won't go off my brain. I was a baby/kid at that period but still...



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