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Working on a T-shirt design! Gimme feedback


-Artist and Crafter-
Me and my partner are making a bunch of new things for our online shop. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give us some feedback!

Below is our first design! Its going to be printed on a tie dye shirt. We are still thinking about what we wanted the shirt to say, but I think it'll probably say "Stay Groovy" or something similar. Tell me below if you like the design or have suggestions!



Fancy fox
Might be my personal feelings against tie dye but it feels like it takes away from the images cool design. I feel like that looks like itd be a cooler logo on a gym shirt or a bikers coat :0


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Hey, bro. I won't lie, I like your design, but frankly speaking, I wear the colorful clothes very rare and I won't buy it. Moreover, I have only three designed clothes - t-shirts form drystoneshop.com. Bought a handful of these in different colors. They're pretty comfortable and great shirts for the price. Haven't had any issues thus far with pilling or shrinking (maybe a little, if any?), that I've noticed, after properly washing them. Only complaint I have with them is that they do feel like they run a bit small compared to similar shirts in the same size. I think, that your t-shirts will be liked by teens, but I'm "old", so I would wear the monochromatic clothes)
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