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Works in Progress!


Well, here is an update on my current project. Still gonna play around with the lineart, and try to refine it here and there, but thought I would share where it's at! The full work is NSFW, and will be posted to my FA When I complete it, but until then, here is a cropped version. I'm eager to keep improving my art, so if you have any comments or recommendations, I'd love to hear them!



On the dark side since 2011
I have WIPs dating as far back as 2009.
As of writing, there is a huuuuuuuuge folder with over three terabytes of stuff I've started over the years but never managed to finish.
Life happens. :B

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Borb Sitar! I'm counting it as a work in progress because I sent it to a maker to turn into a real instrument.

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Yeah, I liked every post I saw here somewhere from page 17. Rather than spamming, I meant to express my respects on every artists going in progress. Cuz I myself can't keep up even with my own progressions on arts...


Maybe I'm too lazy that I actually began to use AI coloring... Getting over laziness is not easy for me.. XpX


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
Before Christmas I started working on a themed group shot. Unfortunately, I never did such huge group shots before, and it turned out too big project to finish on time. And as the job has (predictably) picked up after the New Year, I couldn't finish it in January either. It kind of stopped being relevant and will have to wait until next Christmas. Just hope I'll be able to start working on it early enough then!


Sneaky rainforest kitty

I've been teaching myself bodily proportions by using those mannequin apps for a base. I already did my secondary character so I'm currently working on my primary. It also gave me a chance to update her design.

Just gotta finish the feet, shade, add details and tidy up. The last one took me two hours so it should take another one to finish this.


Sneaky rainforest kitty

I got some art recently of my fursona in some pyjamas but I mistook them for a fancy dress lmao so I'm doing that now, especially since someone posted another lynx in a similar dress on /r/furry, which I've used as reference to make sure I'm not fucking it up.

I'm also using it to experiment somewhat, mostly with texturing and digitigrade feet. I also think I've done the ears super well here.


Upgrading an old comic from 2015-16 by my gf and I. Shading in progress (just placement right now, I change to multiply and the opacity when I'm done)

(Click image for better resolution; redirects to my Sta.sh on DA)
OPAH Page 3 REDUX.png