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Works in Progress!

Lira Miraeta

Cat with the soul of a dragon
The work is moving slowly, but the most important thing is that it is moving forward.)

Mag ver2_3.jpg


Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
Hey everyone, I have moved so I didn't post anything in a while I'm almost settled now and was having some wifi problems transferring my wips. (x-x)
The good thing about this I get to work on other surfaces again. ^^
Right now I have been free-handing on an old canvas I had lying around with an old wip I lost inspiration for safe to say.
It's been sitting around for 3-4ish years and finally decided to get some ground and have a fresh start with the canvas.

rough wip by sod_wm.jpg

current process wip by sod_wm.jpg


Oh snots! Sorry I didnt realize I posted it like that!
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Your line looks great!
It seems to me that you had difficulties with this before, or am I not remembering correctly? But anyway, you have a recognizable style and you are getting better, keep it up!
Thank you! Yeah, I've really struggled with line work in the past. Still do in many ways, but I'm starting to get better! I appreciate your kind words!