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Hiring: ($15+) World Map Commissions ((Closed))


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So I'm looking for someone who can make a highly detailed fantasy world map that can be easily edited on ms paint, one with marked regions that can be used to mark territories like this . I would like two continents many large island chains/isle. I would like one blank version and a version that maps out terrain. Also just use light blue for the water((like oceans lakes rivers etc)). If interested please let me know!


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Hello! I'm no professional cartographer, but I've dabbled in map making before, so I'd be willing to work with you. My price range for a detailed world map would be $30-$40, depending on the complexity, but I'd probably charge more for a terrain map (depending on how detailed you want it to be.)
If you want to discuss the details you can PM me, I'm available on discord as well!
libetri map.png
map etreia.jpg

In any case, thank you for reading this.