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Worldbuilding Mass Thread

Anybody Worldbuild?

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Jackpot Raccuki

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I find it fun to world build, although I often find a problem of being too lazy to sometimes write it down so I end up forgetting some parts of it.
Although some of it / most are usually ingrained in my brain anyway.

I find it easier to world build alone, or to keep it to myself mostly unless I'm sharing it for an RP or something. Only reason I worldbuild with others is for RP or of course stuff like DnD.
Is great fun. :p


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I really enjoy it, but it's been fun helping build someone else's world too.


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Yup! Currently working on lore for the world my attempt at a novel is set in.


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I use a 'make it up as you go along' approach to my world building. I'm writing an anthology series where each story takes place in a different part of the world with a different group of characters. The idea being that the further I go, the more detailed and integrated my world gets.


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I've got a setting I've mucked around with in one form or another since I think 7th grade, maybe 6th or the summer in between them. It's changed a lot in that time, and the time period I focus on has also shifted. Currently I have a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 journal that I intend to collect this information in, as to make it easier to reference and to build further on. Eventually I might move from that system to a ring- or discbound system where I'll be able to insert dividers and move pages around, but I like my hardbound journal for how easy it is to shelve or carry around, while discs or rings would add a bit of awkward bulk. Or I'll just store it all in a locked-down wiki.

I also have an alternate Earth superhero setting (think a slightly more lighthearted X-men, though still with some dark elements, just less srs bsns) that I want to get back into, along with a couple other Earth-analogous/alternate Earth settings including the one for my and husband's webcomic and the one for what is supposed to be a story series (CW: recreational drug use) that I should also get back to and finish.

And then there's a sci-fi/fantasy setting (as in, spacefarers landing on a planet that has magic and other fantasy elements) I'm slowly developing for a work I want to write, another sci-fi setting I share with hubby-dearest centered around the adventures of a mismatched diverse merchant crew of a really shitty spaceship (even their mechanic refers to her as the Bucket o' Bolts), and the fantasy setting my shapeshifter character comes from.

I don't think it's possible to write in any setting that isn't straight regular world, if even that, without doing some degree of worldbuilding.


It would be nice to have an extensive phone compatible web/app world building and oc thing. Most are only PC