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World's "Awesomest Tennis Ball EVER!"


Satire writer

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
It's only the most awesome tennis ball ever if it can survive more than a week with my dog.

On a serious note...I'm not sure whether to laugh at this, or be very, very sad. @_@


I lol'd. XD

But something makes me want to possess this...

*in a deep dramatic voice* "Awesomest Tennis Ball EVER!!"
Oh no i want that tennis ball

Look here! Get it boy!

*waves a bright yellow tennisball under Mr Fox's nose and tosses it across the room*


Chargin' lazor, brb
I've seen worse. Like, TV comedy show host's picture on burnt toast seling for over a thousand dollars
That sounds worse than the Jesus cheeseburger thingy.:p

I seriously just gave my mom the listing number. Let's hope she does something within 5h11m. XD