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Worm Representation


artiste <3
Having experimented with many insect-based character designs I love character designs in this fandom that stretch the imagination. The difficult thing with worms though is there isn't really much way of anthropomorphizing them in the physical sense unless you want to go the Earthworm Jim route and just give them a robotic suit or something. Their body plan is in pretty much every way nothing like us or really any other animal; no legs, no common features, no face. It just makes it difficult to make it anthro without removing everything that makes it a worm to begin with. Those flatworms with the eyespots are cute though, definite sona material I feel.
I've tried using aura colors to represent emotions, kinda like how animals have pheromones, instead of typical facial expressions.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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fantastic show of hands.

great representation.