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Worst Beverage You've Ever Had?

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Preyfar said:
benanderson said:
fizzy smurf urine... nice way of putting it... :lol:

Anyway... worst drink I've had? Cherry Coke! Horrible disgusting stuff! The last time I had it, it left such a bad aftertaste in my mouth! ACK! The new diet coke with cherry is nice though... acctually tastes, LIKE CHERRY! :shock:
I don't drink much soda unless I can get soda made with REAL sugar. The only exception I make it to Vault, because it's... well, it's VAULT! Holy shit, VAULT! *humps a bottle*

Anyway, yeah, the U.S. Soda industry changed their recipe a little over 20 years ago, going from sugar to High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is nasty shit. It leaves a nasty aftertaste in one's mouth, and is really, really unhealthy. Random fact: America's weigth epidemic didn't start until 1980, the same year as High Fructose Corn Syrup's introduction.

I can't drink Coke because of the aftertaste. I don't like chemically treated corn in my tasty beverage. =P

XD most drinks are like that preyfar read the can or the bottle of those


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its a soda in Italy made my Coka cola, tastes like EXTREMELY unripe grapefruit, diet coke aftertaste x100, and like no sugar, its disgusting as hell i almost vomited when i tasted it

PS it tasted like vomit itself anyways lol


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Diet black cherry soda, i love regular black cherry soda but the diet is just unbearable, and i usually don't mind diet sodas.


starbucks coffee


Did someone say waffle?
some supposed pirate drink at a costume party. (pirate themed obviously) :p

it was coke with hot sauce, and it nearly made me vomit. :(


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Oh god, me and my friend grim on here once tried this terrible terrible cheap tequila. I could barely get it down at all, and a chaser was an absolute necessity. It tasted like vomit , bleh.


For Boston.
5 O'clock Vodka.


My boyfriend once ordered this martini at a Martini Bar called the "Blue Steel" and it tasted like anitfreeze or something...it was so bad!....I dont kno what they put in it...but it tasted like chemicals and piss....lol...it was terrible...we sent it back


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That stuff I had to drink before a colonoscopy. Not so much the fact it was designed to leave my guts clean as a whistle - that is, it made my crap continously until I was crapping water - but it was very salty, lukewarm, and 'flavored' with the same fakey shit that they use to make Pledge smell like lemons. And I had to drink a gallon of this stuff at hour intervals. I'd raise the cup to my mouth, get a whiff of the nasty, chemicaly brine and my brain would start screaming, "Don't drink it, it's poison!". I'm amazed I didn't puke; I was nearly weeping the last few times I had to gag it down.

To this day, anything with that strong artificial lemon scent makes me extremely nauseous.


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I'd have to say Starbucks' honey latte. I got free coffee while I worked at target and decided to try that.
Horrible stuff.


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Worst drink?

Straight tonic! x.x


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Pabst Blue Ribbon. 'Nuff said.


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A type of Chinese liquor, not sold out of the country and for good reason. We called it Bai Jiu because we didn't know what the hell else it was.
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Don't know if anyone has mentioned this one, but it's quite possibly the worst drink I've had. It's a soda sold exclusively in Scotland and replaces Pepsi and Coke as the most popular soft drink in that country (in fact, Scotland is the only country in which the most popular drink is not a Coke product). It's called Irn-Bru, and it's, how to put mildly, the most saccharine, cloying, questionable-tasting concoction I've ever had. I'm assuming it's an acquired taste, considering it's so popular with the Scots.



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o ide have to say worst drink i ever had was the un holy combinaition of raw eggs green apple soda purple monster and pickle juice .... i lost a bet but i puked on my friend so its all good XD now let me say this purple monster taste like cheap whine and i just cant stand the sower sweetness of the green apple soda so this drink is realy got no up side X-x

Wait Wait

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Here's a random, albeit inspired poll:
What's the worst beverage or softdrink you've ever tried?

Right now, I'm voting Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry as the single WORST drink I've ever had. In fact, I think it may be one of the worst sodas I've ever had the chance to try (next to the cotton candy-like Pepsi Blue). And trust me, I've tried just about them all.

Personally, I LOVE Jolly Ranchers... but this is like drinking fizzy smurf urine.

pepsi blue was fucking awesome, take that back :mad:

but yeah anyway, it was this strange diet and calorie free orange/pineapple thing drink. it was terrible


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Miller Light. Tried it in a Business-class lounge in LAX in 1997, and am STILL waiting for the taste to arrive.

Yank beer. Weasel-piss. 'Nuff said.
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