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Worst movie you've ever seen?


I've not seen very many movies, so the only one that comes to mind is the original The Exorcist. As someone who does enjoy good psychological horror, it was a huge disappointment because it had been hyped up so much when everyone else mentioned it. I'm sure back in the day it was considered good, but I couldn't help but laugh at it. I don't think I was able to force myself to finish it either.


The 2nd amityville horror filim, I have no idea what they were thinking with that shit. 90% of the film is just the dad being a abusive prick to the kids for stuff they never did or just being kids. Killing a less chessy and more scary version of the first one. :/


Lady of the lake
Definitely not the worst movie ever, but I was close to walking out of the cinema while watching Solo (the Star Wars one) because I was so freaking bored and I thought doing anything else would be a better use of my time...


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I really hated "Ladybird" (2017) and almost walked out of the theater, but stayed in the hopes that it would get better or the character would redeem herself or something...


Lioness, beach bum
I never thought Ladybird was a masterpiece or anything, but I thought it was good. From what I remember I think it is kind of the point to show that she's not that great of a person, I think it'd be kinda cheesey if she pulled a full 180 and became this great person at the end and realized her flaws, but even saying that didn't she have a realization about herself at the end? (I haven't seen the movie since it came out I could be incredibly wrong)

I think maybe it was hard for me to watch because my mom and I have a good relationship? I don't know, something about her just made the film uncomfortable to watch and I didn't care for the humor or story, from what I remember. I may have to rewatch it and give it another chance because I didn't feel the ending was satisfying, and yet, somehow at the same time I don't completely recall what happens, other than she has her way and moves out to a far away college?

Rap Daniel

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It was that "no good terrible very bad day" movie. It was just so BORING!


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Who Killed Captain Alex? comes to mind. But that one was still fucking hilarious.


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Who Killed Captain Alex? comes to mind. But that one was still fucking hilarious.
Seeing the budget and the ideas?
I think this movie is a masterpiece in itself.

Moar Krabs

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Who Killed Captain Alex? comes to mind. But that one was still fucking hilarious.
Well I mean, they couldn’t really do anything with a 200 budget. If it had 1000 then it would have been, and I quote, da best ugandan supa action movie. (That ‘quote’ made me lose a couple of brain cells)


Midsommar was SO LONG and so boring and so bland and terrible. It was pretty much just throwing in around 30 seconds of something interesting or gory for every hour of nothing happening in the movie. I had to force myself to pay attention and I should have left and got my money back. The dumbest and most ridiculous thing was someone jumping off a cliff wrong and getting killed by a giant looney tunes hammer. And it was supposed to be some gruesome and shocking moment instead of incredibly dumb. It was nothing like hereditary at all, just a cash grab riding on coattails. OMG all the dumb screaming and wailing too I'm so mad at myself for not asking for my money back halfway through and forcing myself to finish it to see if the last half was good. It wouldn't even make a good 5 minute movie it was THE WORST!!


Unfriended. Points for trying out a different premise. Minus points for literally everything else about the movie. And it's not even like regular horror movies where the characters are so unlikable that you want them killed off. I just couldn't care about most of them.


I don't know if I'd call it just a cash grab

you're right it's probably not. Just a 1/4 assed movie that happens to be 3 hours long. I follow some movie sites and it feels more like riding off the coat tails of hereditary since most media outlets keep harping that. I had high hopes for this director. Maybe too high. Oh well. Currently scrambling to find a 4D movie theater to see crawl but there are none around. That movie's gonna be trash but.....
Gators!!! <3 Gotta watch it. It looks like a sci fi channel movie lol