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Worst Movie You've Ever Seen?


Why all the hate on 2012? It has Nicholas Fucking Cage in it, were you really expecting an accurate documentary about what the end of the world would look like? :v

I kinda liked the movie because it was so honestly ridiculous. Most action movies have one or two stupid parts where I feel like I have to point it out and say "I FUCKING SAW THAT! DON'T THINK YOU CAN GET STUPID SHIT PAST ME!"

2012 on the other hand after a few minutes it was just like, "LOL FLYING WINNEBAGO!"

This, if you watch movies and take them at face value instead of deciding what kind of movie you're watching BEFORE you actually see it, you can find some pretty hilarious unintentional comedies.


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Vanilla Sky.

I think I hated this movie just because I was young (only about 11 at the time). It went over my head and when it was supposed to come off as a sort of mind-f*ck, it just confused and angered me. I could watch it again to give it a second chance, but I just don't want to. I hated it too much.
The 1981 My Bloody Valentine.

Horrible. Just horrible.

Also, pretty much any Hallmark film. Boring, AND TAKE FOREVER TO WATCH THROUGH. That, and schools like playing them waaay to much.
And Radio.
Annnd.....some other movie that was about black basketball players playing for El Paso in like, the 60s which we were forced to watch in school like....8 fucking times.
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Whinn Dixie, Another tale of a girl who gets what she wants with the right amount of tears (In this case a stray dog).


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I'm probably forgetting some but here are the movies I've hated the most: anything with Adam Sandler in it. That's all I can think of right now.


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Oh yes, Transformers 2, it has nearly everything I hate in a movie: women who are just sex tools, slow-motion camera (the only movies that have used this in an entertaining way are the two Kung Fu Panda movies), a dumb lead, bad acting, bad script, "car porn" (as one may call it), pointless action and explosions and a plot that drags on and on and on and on...

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Shark Attack III, Megalodon... worst movie of all time!


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Battlefield Earth
The Wicker Man (the new one)
Aliens Vs. Predator 2
Natural Born Killers

>watch beginning
>well this is an interesting beginning, I'll be looking forward to the plot thickening
>entire movie filmed like this
>horribly shitty plot

What the FUCK man?


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Mega Piranha

In the car chase scene, Diaz's vehicle changes from a green and brown 95 Explorer to three different black SUVs. Its like that the entire film.


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Mega Piranha

In the car chase scene, Diaz's vehicle changes from a green and brown 95 Explorer to three different black SUVs. Its like that the entire film.

They use Nerf guns spraypainted black to shoot the fish, it's amazing.

Oh yeah, and the fish explode into fireballs after jumping 3 miles inland. Obviously that's just a thing that fish do.