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worst virus you have ever gotten on your computer

do you have a good anti virus

  • yes

    Votes: 38 62.3%
  • no

    Votes: 13 21.3%
  • i am a dumb person and believe anti virus is useless

    Votes: 10 16.4%

  • Total voters


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A chinese ransomware that did a basic encryption on every file on every computer of our network (that was on). Only two computers luckily. We restored most of it.


Koopa Puffa
Back when Limewire was popular, my older sister had managed to download a virus that spread like wildfire over our network. Every single one of our computers reported having 12k+ viruses. It got to the point that our ISP pulled the plug on our internet access until we formatted our computers, because they were scared it would spread farther or something.


The Sparklewolf
Antivirus programs are pretty much useless as long as you don't click on virus.exe files and they can get in a way when trying to do certain "activities", so I don't have one installed


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I had mono in college, and that was really lousy, but my computer never caught it.


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There was a virus on EA's Battlefront where the single player campaign was deleted...oh wait.


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My cousin managed to get that Metropolitan police virus (despite us living outside of the UK) and blamed it on me, but I haven't had any particularly awful viruses on my computers. (I do get the stupid ones that install all sorts of shitty browser apps, but those are simple to remove)


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I remember when I was 7 years old. My first 10 minutes I was ever on the internet I had spyware on my dad's laptop. This was 8 years ago.


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Iv dealt with lots of viruses on this computer and I have to be the one to fix it but their was 3 that was a nightmare.

One of those ''Home pages'' viruses snuck into the family computer this week *I didn't know until I got onto chrome* It wouldn't let me change it, it said it was a extension but when I went into extensions It wasn't their. I looked up how to get rid of it and it said to download an anti-virus program *I didn't download it caus it was crap, I stuck with Malware bites* So as the ''computer nerd'' of the family I had to fix it, after I got rid of it my chrome disappeared until IE comes out of the abyss n saved me. So then I re-installed chrome and all of the stuff I had were saved!

Another one I had to deal with was last year in August or October when I downloaded an audio program. A friend recommended me it, after I downloaded it I got a bunch of pop up ads and tabs, it was a nightmare to shut them off until I got my anti-virus out n got rid of it. Until the computer kept refreshing randomly, and I have no idea why it does that. AND IT STILL DOES THAT XD

Last one is when I caused it back in 2005-2009? *I can't remember actually* when I was lil and I had a Windows XP *family comp* I saved lots of pictures most of them were funny anime ones *I was a big anime nerd back in the day* A Virus popped up when I asked my older sister for a song on LimeWire and when I saved lots of pics, it was making the computer slow VERY SLOW. It got so slow that I completely destroyed the computer and it wouldn't turn on, it will blue screen every now and then n freeze on me. The blue screen always scared me when I was a kid, it was like the red ring on the xbox but on a computer.

I have 2-3 Anti-virus programs, I forgot one of them, Norton and Malware bites. I Mainly use Malware because Norton won't open up for me.


"It's fun to stay alive"
When I was 14 I used to get some form of malware like every week and I could never figure out why. My computer would always recover after a while as if it were a cold. I eventually found out it was from the ads on deviantart and installed adblock. Haven't had a problem since.

The worst was probably the random fork bombs. 50+ IE windows one after another was not fun to say the least


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Well great. As I am working on system restore, checking event logs and BIOS logs, backing up files, and trying to figure out what happened, I got a virus that, I found out a few minutes ago, embedded itself on my computer and deleted every folder, but not shortcut or file for some odd reason, on the desktop!


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My grandma's computer once got infected with adware. We kept hearing voices coming out of it even though we didn't have any programs open. Now I'm extra careful with my downloads


ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!
I remember when I was a kid, I downloaded cursor mania, and that also came with smiley central. I used to love playing with them as a kid! It was all fun and games until ads start popping up everywhere


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I think it was the worm virus when I was 14.
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I don't usually have any issues with viruses, but there was this one time that I had this horrific trojan that masqueraded as a free upgrade and I was dumb enough to install it. After that things got weird; my system menus and fonts were inconsistent, blocky , and screwed up. Sometimes a menu would be on the right sometimes it would be on the left, there didnt seem to be any rhyme or reason to where they appeared when clicking through menus to get at things. Some icons and labels were antialiased properly and others were not-they looked like a really bad mspaint edit. I lost the ability to control parts of the OS and settings and a number of features I had gotten used to having suddenly weren't there anymore. It wouldnt even let me change my window color and theme anymore. I would turn something off or change a setting and it would change it back later without asking me. I was no longer in command of my computer. Not only was it downloading and installing things that I didnt tell it to but i suddenly had all sorts of advertisements for crap i didn't want plasteted all over my start menu. It wasn't terribly long before it started shutting my computer down when I didn't want it to and I was getting stupid popup messages when I was trying to play games. I also found out it was spying on me and sending all sorts of personal info out to some computer somewhere. It got pretty bad and I was getting really pissed. I wound up doing some research and found that this malicious software had even fried some specific models of lcd monitors! Luckily mine still worked and was not among the models known to be affected. A guy from Microsoft said there was really no way to prevent this spyware from sending my info out and suggested a format and reinstall as a fix. so that's when I decided to get rid of the virus called Windows 10 and I went back to Windows 7 for my gaming computer. Thankfully it never spread to any of my linux computers. :)
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Ralph Randall

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I remember every time I let my brother use my computer it would get a virus or some kind of spyware because he would download music off some Russian site. I have had to do a completely fresh install of everything more times than I can remember! :mad:


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None - pretty damn simple to download files which are clean. Some people don't understand...even without an AV haha
But how do you know you haven't downloaded any viruses if you don't have an AV? ;)
Don't - Download--- Notepad++ ------ From --------- UNSECURED ------------- SOURCES.
(This message brought to you by the guy who straight up murdered his second personal computer by browsing the web for freeware.)


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There was a period of time when Deviantart had this nasty fucking virus. I was in middle school at the time. I first got it on my home computer, it would insert itself into any file and just spread everywhere. It took backups to get rid of it fully. I got it on a school computer as well, which confused the teachers because DA was a trusted site. Even after they figured out what was causing the virus (An advertisement), I'd figured out how to install adblockers. My dad used to blame us kids for getting viruses onto the computer, since I put the adblocker on the computer, we have never had a virus since that wasn't blatantly caused by me or someone else downloading something from the internet from insecure sites.
Now that DA has this stupid orange popup thing about how they'd like me not to use an adblocker that shows up every two or three pages I visit, I don't trust them with their advertisements, at least FA doesn't have that, the adblocker detector. (Granted, most ads on FA are fairly self-contained.)