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Request: Would Anyone Like To Draw My Werewolf?


Demonic Werewolf Floof
Hi guys so I am saving up for a car so I cant spent any money on art anymore.
Anyway I have a new Character A silver,white werewolf he is pretty simple he also has a human form if you would want to try draw that you can! I don't mind any style, chibi, sketchy whichever. I will still be very thankful.

Here he is Kronos on Toyhouse
He is a ex gang member/ex bandit, thats all I know so far I still need to do his bio xD

If he is not your thing I have so many more characters here ThyBlackReaper on Toyhouse and ThyBlackReaper on Toyhouse
Also my FA is Userpage of ThyBlackReaper -- Fur Affinity [dot] net