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Would being a furry stop me from getting a job?


Post it to FA but not Facebook and eliminate all links to FA within your Facebook profile, as well as any porn on the Facebook profile. As long as you're smart enough not to give your FA profile to future employers, they'll be none the wiser. Ultimately, I hope to be a teacher someday and that means I'll be wearing office casual clothes, button-up shirts, and khaki pants five days a week, while trying to be pleasant to fellow teachers and students. I hope no one will figure out that I'm furry, until and unless the stigma of all Furries being porn-obsessed sexual perverts attached to it is gone.That time may never come so just do your best to blend in with the mundanes during the day but at night, you're an entirely different animal.


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Yes it would.

Nobody in their right mind would hire some perverse dogfucker.

Have fun working at Wal-Mart for the rest of your miserable life.


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Furry isn't a "thing," so don't fucking tell people about it, OP.

I swear, you maniacs treat this furry shit as some autistic handflapper would the filament inside of a lightbulb, or some other kind of little thing everyone takes for granted because it doesn't fucking matter.


In conclusion, I'll leave things as they are. My Facebook page is just as people know me publicly which is squeaky clean yet only visible to friends only and my FA no one knows about cept other furrs I talk to.


Any display of freethinking will heavily decrease your chances, you got to look as normal as possible, so the answer is yes.

I think that even if the boss of this company is furry, it will still decrease your chances ^^


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There's a difference between tastefully and casually acknowledging that you're a furry (among other interests hopefully), and doing that whole "coming out" thing. One won't cost you a job, the other probably will.
An example would be having a cute, furry banner VS linking your FA. Hell, the first might help by showing you have a little personality or creativity. x3


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Furthermore guys, FA HAS FILTERS SO THEY WON'T SEE HIS NAUGHTY PICS ANYWAY even if they visit his page.

You know just anyone can register for an FA account right?


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You know just anyone can register for an FA account right?

Provided the people visiting his page suspect fa has pornographic content on it, register an account over 18 and then turn off the filter restrictions.

Maybe companies do that, I've no idea.

You obviously don't browse FA that often to know that those filters don't work for shit against the "tame" fetish shitposts on that site.

I run filters 24/7 and just from browsing at OP's userpage, he has plenty of "tame" suggestive photos both in his gallery and in his favs. Employers will totally go "WTF IS THIS SHIT?!" when they take a glance at OP's page.

Point taken.


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I agree with the others. It would be wisest to leave furry off your FB page, but it also depends how much this job means to you.

You can always make another FB page for your furry stuff if you really want and upload the tasteful art directly to your FB page, instead of linking it to your FA account. Just don't link it to your current FB page.

On one hand, no one at your job needs to know about you being a furry anyway. I collect post-mortem photography and no one knows about that. It's a hobby, like furry. No one cares and it's not worth mentioning. On the other hand, I think it's stupid not to be able to post about whatever on your own FB page due to concern of future employment, but that's just the way it is right now.

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I fucking hate Facebook for this very reason. So glad I don't a FB. Never have, never will.


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Being a furry is a hobby. If it leaks into your life in such a way that it causes problems for you you are doing it wrong.


Unless you turn up at the interview sweating and panting in a crusty fursuit, I'd say no

Do employers really check for Facebooks? I thought that was uncommon, or just a myth? If you're that concerned, I would hide your details, or at least remove any links to your FA.

If yoy really feel it's neccessary, maybe expand on your "appreciation for anthropomorphic animations" (if it ever comes into conversation, but yeah I wouldn't mention anything mature


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As long as you don't try to yiff everything that moves or have a weird-ass fetish, yeah you'll do fine


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Not sure in what kind of city you live in, how narrowminded they are and how big the city is.
I can safely say that i'm not an official furry on my facebook etc because it /would/ damage by hiring probability. This city is rather small (with about 35k in the city and 100k in the region in total.) But its also pretty well connected so it doesen't take long before word spreads. (especially when there are /no/ furs to speak of here. xD )
And the furry community been branded as 'perverted-weirdo-gathering 2000' here.

Just play it safe and dont tell people that doesen't need to know.


Does this question even need to be asked? isn't the answer obvious? most of the corporate world is made up of a bunch of dull and boring corporate types who claim to be normal, moral, God fearing lemmings. if you differ from that in any way, they will get scared and run off... Hence the only person I will ever work for is ME!


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I don't think it should. But don't take the chance. If you really want people to know that you're a furry, tell them face-to-face. They won't freak out as much, since you're right next to them. If they then go and post terrible stuff on the Book of Faces, request for them to take it down. Or defend yourself. Whichever one works the best for you.

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Don't do it. It isn't a matter of what art you have had done and whether you ever posted nsfw content anywhere. The issue is the possibility of someone seeing you describe yourself as a furry, thinking 'Hmm, I don't know what that is. I'll just go to google..." and bam, whatever the first results are is what they are going to think of you. Severing the connections between your professional and personal accounts is one way to fix the problem, but it would be more simple to just not post it all over your pages. Keep it between friends or places where no one who might see it will get the wrong idea. Just don't do it.


If you have to ask this question it's probably yes in your case.


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Being a furry has actually helped me attract positive attention for potential employers. But I wouldn't go posting adult art on Facebook or Twitter anyway, regardless of whether or not employers will check. It's just not something I do.
Edit: oh thank god, lenoir, I thought I was the only one into photography.
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So lately I've thought about updating my Facebook and Twitter pages to publicly let others see that I'm a furry. However I have this fear that if I do, I'm worried potential employers would see some of the stuff I've had art done (ya know... possibly finding adult stuff) not that I would post anything adult on my Facebook or Twitter pages, but what if they just somehow found the adult work I've done? Being a guy who's currently hunting for a job I'm worried potential employers would get the wrong idea about me and it would cost me a job.

Any thoughts folks?

This is why I don't use sites like that. It's not really *furry* I'd be concerned with, but rather what people see is associated with you; your friends, or whatever.

People could judge you based on your friends even though you could be completely different people.

I mean, you *could* maintain two separate identities but that might prove difficult with FB. I don't even bother using it.

I like to keep my work life separate from my personal life and it's really none of their business, anyway.

So, yes -- I think adding certain things on a FB your potential employer will see could affect the chances of getting hired.

If they find out you are gay it could affect your chances, especially depending on where they are located.

It's not fair, I know... but it's a fact of life.

It wouldn't prevent you from getting a job though; some people don't check, and they are probably the better ones to work for anyway.
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It shouldn't unless you are all "I'm furry purry let's get murry yiffy see my fa links?" That being said you can keep it subtle. You can also keep your facebook page private so they have to be your friend to see your stuff.


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I was explaining to 2 people at a hackerspace yesterday, with my friend, what furry was. This girl and her husband saw me with a chainmaile collar on. She said it looked really beautiful and question the symbol on my tag and I told her it was a universal symbol for furry. Well, we chatted for a bit about the fandom and soon enough I found she and her husband own the company I plan to get a life time career at. I never once in my life ran into someone who had an issue with furry. Everyone in the fandom has their own views, I have fun with

what I do and enjoy explaining things to people if needed. To be honest I actually got 3 people who said maybe they are a furry, looked into it, and now they have fursonas and everything...

Do at your own risk, I care less what people say :)

One of my friends works at Walmart and asked his boss if his name tag could be his fursonas name...he didn't allow it :(