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would someone like their charcter drawn?

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due to lack of creativity I am asking if anyone wants their fursona drawn for free. I need practice so I hope you arn't too disa apponited with the results. Any takers:?:


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Also I don't really understand the word Anthro etheir......
ok your fursona is your furry persona. that which you think of your self as being [as a furry]. orca you had asked someone to draw your character right well thas your fursona. and the term anthro is short for anthropomorphic creature. it is defined as an animal that has human qualities or characteristics such as werewolf or something of that sort. as you are well aware the many different species of furries that exist are usually anthro. not always but most of the time yes they are.
and would i like my fursona done? yes but not right now as i am in line for 2 pics already. one of them is to be treated as a reference pic. when it is finished i shall return to ask if it would be possible. (not likely though given the difficulty of mine). have a nice day. >^@^<


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I don't mind if you draw any of my characters. Just be sure to let me see them when you do! Check my FA page for references.


Ohh draw mine! Here is a ref pic of what she looks like! http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/30619288/

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Hey, is it possible for me to squeeze in? I have a couple of characters Ive never been able to draw myself before because of their specie (one is a snake anthro, the other a spider anthro) Im a mamal artist XD hehe, only the snake I somehow succeeded before.
Hello :3 I can't resist free art X.=.X

If you have some time, once you are done with the other requests I would love to get my dragoness drawn.
I have all her refferences on this post here:
(and a written reff if you need it)


Thanks a bunch.

Ziba the lioness

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sashbandit>> Thats the problem XD I never did anything of them nor had others to do cause no one seems to be able to draw such species XD Best thing I can give you is a close description in words but if it helps any I do have a b/w doodle of the snake I did last year, or better said, tried to do XD
If that can help you just let me know and I'll upload it :) too tired right now XD I need a nap x.x or coffee.. Mmmmmm, coffee.....
If you're still willing, I'm looking for someone to do lineart of my character, Claire, from one of my stories.

I dont know, message me if you want and ill set you up with descriptions, etc.
Oooo, I need this done... I don't have even ONE good peice of me... If you can do it I'll send a description and possably a pic of one similar.


Well if you have time and are still in the mood for it I would quite like you to draw my fursona if that's alright? If you don't want to it's cool though I understand. :) Note/PM me for a reference or whatever. :)
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