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Request: Would someone please draw my character kemono-style. (SFW)


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Hi I'm Tanuki. My character (which is pretty much is me) is a Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon Dog). Tanukis are not related to dogs or raccoons. But they're related to foxes.

1. It has to be anthro, Not feral.
2. It has to be kemono-style.
3. It has to be SFW, not NSFW.

This is a Tanuki.


please try this with me. I will draw in kemono style. (SFW). Send me a note. I paint in different styles. I can start in May. all it takes is 2 -3 hours of work to do it.


Monsters are hot. :)
вы хотели без денег рисунок? Вы не будете платить?
Эта часть веб-сайта не для комиссий. Люди либо предлагают, либо просят бесплатное искусство, либо рисуют персонажей друг друга. Я использую Google перевод.

Перейти к "Art Sales and Auctions", если вы хотите, чтобы рекламировать свои kомиссий.


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This sounds like something up my alley! Do you have a description or references for the character?

Yes. here it is.
Age: 17
Likes: Japanese Culture, Anime, Manga
Hobbies: Playing Video Games, Making Manga (Future), Making Anime (Future)
Colors: Same as a regular tanuki
Height and length: Same height and length as me