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Would you, could you, have you ever... Karaoke?


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I did for the first time on Friday night and I thought i did an okay job. Ended up singing two songs,
Queen's bohemian rhapsody, and then System of a Down's Ariels.

Whats your experience with said thing?

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I have twice, it was fun but I can't do it myself, I'm to shy.


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Our family usually breaks out the karaoke machine at Christmas when the entire family is round. Everyone has to have a go, so no one is really mortified.

I like it as a bit of fun, but I don't take it too seriously so my voice sucks. I much prefer singing on stage.


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I've done the singing part in Rock Band, does that count

I usually listen to video game music so I don't really know lyrics to anything.


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I sometimes sing to the words of whichever song im listening to but only at work though when no one can hear me from the machinery.


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i sing english sea shantys to myself mostly. i have sung them to other people and it seemed that they liked it (even know they dont know english).
people in music class say that i am the bass of the whole class (whoa rhime) and i couldnt agree more, i can sing real deep dude


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My singing is so awful it makes children cry, but I used to frequent karaoke bars and I would sing. Most notably, "Don't fear the reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult and "Silver and Cold" By AFI. Again, my singing sucks, but it would make people laugh and on more than a few occasions, folks would buy me drinks just to keep the show going.


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I only do it ironically and with friends. Been doing it since middle school because a friend kind of dragged me into singing a song from High School Musical with her. For the record, neither of us liked those movies so we did this purely for top lulz. Then it became somewhat of a tradition until we left.

I think there was only one time when I was actually serious about the song I was doing but other than that, I purposefully sing terribly.

And I find songs that everyone knows the words to a lot more fun because rather than you just singing, it's you and a room full of people singing.


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Far too often. Never sober though.


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I'd rather commit sudoku than curse the world with my singing.

Just make sure that each number from 1 to 9 is killed a different way in each square, row and column!

Personally, I love singing just as much as my friends love me not singing. Fun fact: My vocal cords are registered as a lethal weapon in two countries and three territories.
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I almost got drunk enough to do it one night at a bar. My friends REALLY REALLY wanted me to, but I was able to stop myself, thank God. I love to sing, but I'm bad at it.

Besides, they didn't have any FFDP, which was what I wanted to rock out to. If you can't sing, scream :D


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In China KTV venues are on almost every street corner, more so than Starbucks. We went out a number of times as a work group to them, and it was actually funny how English songs far outnumbered the K-Pop/ Chinese songs. Our Chinese friends sang a good number of English songs.


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I sung Nirvana songs at a party once, rock band. Apparently got a high score.
My family used to have this state of the art karaoke machine but it only lasted 5 months. My so-called "friends" at the time came over and destroyed it. =/


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No, I'm a bad singer. Maybe when I'm alone. ALONE. Like not a soul in the house besides me and my judgmental felines. I almost insult myself with my singing.

It'd be even worse now though, I've come down with something and my sinuses are hella plugged. Then they drain while I sleep making my throat sore. If I sing then, I make the following names look like good singers:

Justin Bieber, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Rebecca Black, etc.

And nobody wants that.


I only karaoke on rock band. And I haven't done that in years! You can't buy me enough booze to do it in a bar tho. As for real karaoke I've only done it once because my girlfriend insisted.


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Hmm. Does screaming lyrics count as singing? Anyway, I've yet to even do that in front of people.
Should write my own rubbish song and sing it for karaoke. Then I can't go wrong as that's how my song should sound like.


Hmm. Does screaming lyrics count as singing? Anyway, I've yet to even do that in front of people.
Should write my own rubbish song and sing it for karaoke. Then I can't go wrong as that's how my song should sound like.

Ozzy does it.

Also that's not how karaoke works.


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I used to go to this local restaurant+bar with my friends and sing karaoke. The place was full of drunk rednecks and we always had a fantastic time. I'd sing Dust in the Wind, Mother by Danzig, dumb rap songs, songs by Afroman, etc. We'd all do silly songs and nobody took themselves seriously so we'd always have everyone singing along with us, etc. I really need to go back there again because that shit was fun.