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Would You Guys Care If I Did This?

Should I do it?

  • Yes. It sounds like a fun, original idea.

    Votes: 25 51.0%
  • No. I can think of 100 things that are more fun that watch some guy play The SIms 3.

    Votes: 14 28.6%
  • I really don't care.

    Votes: 10 20.4%

  • Total voters


And twice as shiny
I'm considering doing something very soon, but I want opinions.

Basically, I'll stream myself playing The Sims 3 on a LiveStream. But, it will have a "choose your own adventure" feel to it. That means that everyone in the chatroom (or whoever speaks up first) will choose what the character(s) look like, the major decisions they will make, and how their everyday life will go.

Just a thought.

EDIT: Poll up.

Van Ishikawa

CYOA are fantastic but you'd pretty much either be running the perfect (boring) life or constantly asked to make them have sex or put them in a room with no doors and watch them die in a pile of their own waste.

Least those are the only ways I know how to play the Sims but its been a while :V


actually, i was thinking i should do this with people on my cellphone
like take pictures of where im going and you get to choose what i do

but yeah you could do that with a videogame character you only have marginal control over
im not going to cry about it or anything


Not to be takin Seriously
I'm afraid I've never like sims games very much, although it is an interesting idea


it smells like dust and moon light
My friends and I once did something like this, except IRL. It was pretty hilarious.


Make all the sims fat, work for janitors, they don't live in a real house. They only have enough space for a bed. They must traverse the gauntlet of fire to get to the bathroom.


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Hm... You know, I might want to watch this. I think I need something to watch while I'm doing work...


Spider 8itch
I like the sims 3, and I have the expansion and stuff pack for it

But I would make you download the wolf stuff from RoseSims3.


As much as I'd like to get into playing The Sims 3 it just bores me way too much, and I used to love the original one. So watching someone else play it would make me want to eat my own liver to end the misery. But I guess it's a cool idea for those interested.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Cool Idea, Would not watch.

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
Without reading the OP I am assuming it's suicide and voting yes (I'm being silly, you're cool bro).

After reading the OP I stand by my decision of voting yes because it actually a fun idea, indeed.


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I might watch it, if only to suggest stupid and inane actions.


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I once did something like this on another site except with good ol Oragon Trail. I was actually quite caotic. My charater died of the flu.


And twice as shiny
EDIT: Nvm. The PC I was going to use is working as slow as hell.
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