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Would you have a furry child?

Only if I never wanted the kid in the first place, or if I could also be made into a 'real' furry. I'd go around and bite people so they'd think they were gonna turn into a werewolf. But, no. Mostly because I don't want to make it easy for the kids on the playground to mock my child, they should have to be creative like I was when i was a snot nosed brat.


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Paul Revere said:
KitsuneKit said:
I'm just say that we might be getting close to where we could make furries via genetic modification, but someone is going to need to make the first step.

"Mr. Squeaks, labmouse. A mouse barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We has the technologies. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic mouse. Mr. Squeaks will be that mouse. Better than he was before. Better, Stronger, Faster."

Thank you very much for your link. I subscribe to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, but I can't wait for it to arrive at the end of the trail here in central Nevada, so I'll scurry off to download the paper immediately!


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But, assuming everything everything went according to plan, and no common yet damning exceptions happened (like a bad illness in one of my animal-human children requiring a doctor's care), then the ultimate outcome would still suck, because my gay genes would be passed on, and thus the high chances of my kids being gay (and less inclined to mate reproductively) -- making the whole exhaustive endeavor to start a race of werewolves pointless. Then again, if we were living in a time where it were possible to graft animal DNA into human DNA, it would also be possible to genetically change one's sexual orientation..

Some research has shown that gene that contribute to homosexuality in men function as reproductive boosters for women. Essentially a gay man's sister will have more babies from the gene, and thus pass that family genome on to a larger group than is the average for a woman.

So essentially you'd just need to have a bunch of daughters and make sure your mate has a gay brother.


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Hmm... well, I have a couple opinions on that. First, I could never figure out why anyone would want children in the first place. :p

Secondly, If I didn't feel so strongly about the above point, and actually did want a kid, (and science could do anthromorphs, and I was with a female mate, and 101 other "ifs") I would not choose to have the baby be born as an anthro because that is a choice that should be the child's to make when they are an adult. I would not want to subject my child to a life that was not fair by making such a dramatic, life-altering choice for the benefit of my own personal feelings.

But... as I said... I don't want kids. My "kids" will hopefully be a collection of classic cars one day. :mrgreen:


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I would in a heartbeat, I believe one does not "become a furry" or "Get turned on into furry lifestyle" it is in your soul, the untamed beast in your heart. It is the joyous pounding of your heart when you bask in the sun, run through the woods, or slink around in the shadows of night. It is the hunger for the hunt, the calm in the arms of your mate, the growl in your throat. It is the eyes that see humans for what they are, the soul that stands as an island in the sea of mankind, the body that moves and flows that of the beast of your soul.

No one does not "become" furry, those of us who understand that we are beasts in human guise Born with a core soul that of a animal with the wisdom of man. We are acceptive of so many, yet shunned by the same ones we accept.

A furry child, yes he would have a painful childhood, filled with grief and sorrow. But a soul of a furry is not so easily broken. No, s/he would make it and as s/he grew and found either another true furry or one like us, those who wish with all their hearts to be a true furry.S/he would have a live a life of pure love, a raised elation of being whole and fully accepted for what he is. That feeling, that I had once and sadly lost is truly worth ten lifetimes of sorrow and grief.

I say again, yes, I would have a furry child. S/he would be the first of a race that would re-shape the world into a better place filled with understanding and acceptance. A world where one is not judged by the flesh on his bones or the color of their skin (or fur in this case). This world needs more furries even if we don't look it. Our hearts are string enough to band together if a furry child was born.
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Let me put it this way. If Krystal was real, I'd already have furry kids.


No, it's idiotic. Lacking the ability to choose your form renders the whole exercise futile.

More than that, we've all been through this.


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Never having kids to begin with.

They whine too much. And I like my solitude from time to time.

With a child, no such thing exists. That is, unless, you don't mind being a neglectful bastard.


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Nah, I'd rather not do it. I don't really like children to begin with, so I wouldn't want one. Then it'd be like, the kid's choice sort of thing. It'd be so alienated if it was the only one that was an anthropomorphic animal of any sort, and that's no fun.


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Having kids is a stupid idea to begin with, yes.

Couldn't agree more. All it causes are headaches and unwanted exercise, which is actually bad for you, since all that basically equates to is stress.

Besides, we all know that hiding porn ruins the mood when it strikes.


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No, I do not want my child to suffer through all the teasing and BS THAT would cause.


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I wouldn't. I'd be jealous that he/she gets to be a furry and I can't it would be to weird of a relationship.


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Speaking as someone who does what kid/'s. I wouldn't put my kid thro that. I've been there and wouldn't want my kid to shunned cause lets face it this is a preatty racist worlf hell there are still country that shot women if they show there face in public.
Also there is already enough thing kids have ti deal with I wouldn't add another one if I could avoid it.

Now if it was simply biology and he/she was naturly born that why I would support them as best I can.