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Would you like to be an animal?

If I could be one for like a couple of days or so that would be cool, but if it was permanent then hell no. I think it would be cool to see what it would be like to live the life of a wolf, and I would probably come out of the situation with a lot more respect for them and the hardships they have to face.

Gubbinz schiwifty-five

No I wouldn't.

I would either get killed by oncoming traffic or Elmer Fudd. D:


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Would I like to become an animal?

Alright, this one's a bit more difficult to answer. It would be a unique experience to become a Deer -- but, even with all of my intelligence concerning what I know by experience from my last species, it probably wouldn't be enough to keep me alive against them or out of harms way.

Plus, nature already has its pattern for that animal -- suppose if I could integrate well, and maybe start a change for all of the species I came into contact with; that could be worth it right?


Oh Derpy! That's not a letter
I'll stick to being the human in the animal kingdom.

I like being on top of the food chain.


Interesting idea, might be fun for a little while. But the inability to use a keyboard or gamepad would be problematic.


Give me 11 pints of Guinness and I turn into a F@&*%ing animal.

I wish I had the Rabbit Ears, and they both worked that way I could hear better instead of being half deaf.