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Would you spank the furry above you? (give reasons why if ya like!)


Bad Fox
*Pulls @ssaannttoo ’s pants down and spanks him with a flip-flop.*


Joy Boi
Uh guys, I made a mistake. Last night I towel whipped my brother sooooo good. It made the perfect snap and it was soo satisfying. This morning my brother had a huge welt and I felt bad so I let him whip me. I don't think I'm gonna be able to sit for like an hour! It hurts soo bad.


Bad Fox
*Paddles the wolf.*


The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
Of course you're in this thread immediately after the forums come back online.

Which should tell you what kind of punishment to be expecting.
Of course, we skunks have to spread innocence! ;P

*spanks Kairos* ^^