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Would you tell your child anything about being a furry?


Haha, serious question out of curiosity. I'm trying to imagine how this would go... I mean, I don't know about you but as a kid I would always pretend I was a horse in school (some other animals from time to time, but I used to "gallop" around school like the weirdo I was) when I was very very little.

Course I grew up with Looney Toons too but had no idea what the word "anthropomorphic" was.

so, I'm just curious...would you ever directly tell your kid about the whole furry thing? Or would you just go about your daily, casual life, like,
"oh hey I doodled my skunk persona."
"Yeah that's cool dad whatever."

Would you not tell them because you don't see it as a big deal? Would you tell them, and what it's about? Maybe not use the term "furry"?

Just randomly wondering. I don't plan on having children but in the event that I do, they'd probably see my stupid doodles one way or the other and I can see myself asking "If you could be any animal, what would you want to be and why?" since, I ask that to anyone anyways for fun.


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Today's kids are good with computers and if you mentioned the word furry and if they googled it...It would be a bad idea. I would just go about my casual life and show him/her furry pictures. If the kid is older, Maybe I would talk about the fandom if he asked me why I love cartoon animals so much


Considering so much furry content is just not appropriate for kids, I would actively avoid telling them anything at all.

I grew up with those shows too, but I would have been pretty weirded out by a bunch of grown ups obsessing over it.


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They may find out one way or another.

I'd only tell them if you have lots of safe guards on their computer to filter out what is appropriate and what is not. Innocent furry art websites are all over, and the porn websites or ones with pornographic material will be blocked.


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My best friend has given me permission to introduce her daughter to Digimon when she's old enough to follow it.

And I'd do the same for any kids I have in the future.


Why tell your child anything about being a Furry when you can simply just homeschool them about it.

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I don't even think of having children, I'm only 20 ._.

In any case, I don't think I would mention the actual word 'furry'


I'm sure you'll figure it out when/if you become a parent.


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I for one look forward to bouncing my young child on my lap in front of the computer and showing them the wonderful variety of animal dick drawings the fandom has to offer


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By the time they're old enough to understand these things, the fandom would have already been a distant memory. I can't think of any situation where bringing up furries would benefit them, or myself, unless they discover the fandom and become a furry themselves. Then I can tell them their old man was a weirdo like them, once upon a time.

Then I can make fun of them.

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I'd say go all out and give your child unrestricted access to fchan. Maybe he will even ask for a bad dragon product for his 10th birthday :grin:


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I'd probably just do what I normally do. I'd obviously keep him away from the yiff side, but he'd still know I like furries.


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If I had a kid, I'd slowly dole out the information over time. Perhaps just let him/her know what a furry was to start with, and answer a few of their questions initially. As they got older, I'd let them do some independent research, while guiding them away from more adult material if at all possible.


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If they have there own interest in it, why not tell them, if they don't show an interest, then there's no need.
I see no reason to explain an interest to someone unless they have or consider taking it up.


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I would not tell them I am one, and I would not tell them about furries. I'll let them discover what the fandom is on their own. I'll let them read things like Redwall, but i'm not going to pursue indoctrinating my child in something that i'm not sure that they'd understand, and I definitely wouldn't try to taint their youth with knowledge of any of the NSFW aspects of the fandom. I might draw characters with them, and let them explore using anthros for the sake of teaching lessons from simple fables to historical lessons, though.


Nah, I'd let them discover it on their own like I did on the internet and if they have any questions I'll just answer them, but it's up to them really.


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If I have a child, I'll feel no need to tell them. Why bother? They don't need to know and it's not important. The same reason why I don't go around telling my friends and family for the hell of it either.


Thanks for all the answers everyone, I was just curious o:

Furry or not, I won't tell my children - if I have any - what a computer even is until they're 15. Then again I can barely take care of my own mental health, so kids should be out of the question for me anyways.

Thanks to everyone for participating! I just have a knack for coming up with weird survey-like questions. :)


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Here's my answer.
HELL NO until they're mature enough.


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I will tell them I am a science fiction and fantasy fan and that my fursuit is a science fiction/fantasy creature. It's how I approach the furry fandom, so, hey, if I can steer my kid into reading things that make him curious about science, that's great.