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Would you tickle the footpaws (hooves, &c.) of the furry above you?


Blue Frog
Why not! >:}


Deleted member 82554

Tickle, spank, everything.

The real question is, is would you tickle my pickle for a nickel?


Fun loving kitty cat
Why not! >:}

<the cat playfully approaches the frog and starts tickling with his paws, laughing as you squirm, then notices a slight liquid on his paw fur. Before anyone can react, he instinctively licks the fur to clean it, then stops to notice everyone staring...>

Um, what's going on? Is there something I should know? <looks around slowly> And can someone please explain where those rainbow coloured bats came from? <the cat starts giggling and pawing at the air playfully, then looks around at everyone dreamily> Oooo, my fur tingles so much, and that shimmer...<jaw drops in astonishment at something unknown>...what's happening? <confused grin>

OH, I get it, the bats bring the power of mind tickles! It all makes sense now...<melodramatically> Come to me my Rainbow bats, I send you to tickle everyone! <the cat laughs and paws at the air, pointing to random animals> Get them, my pretties, tickle the world!!! <the cat falls to the ground and laughs helplessly pawing at the invisible bats, as someone whispers to the frog asking how long the effects normally last in felines...>
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Blue Frog
The frog stares at the enthusiastic feline, a bit aprehensive but not much surprised by what turns out to be a familiar scene to him. "It depends on how much they've ingested, I'd say half an hour per lick... Not sure about foot mucus though."

One second later, the feeling of uneasiness gave place to an evil, sudden urge to tickle Mambi's footpaws, in the hope that it brings chaos to higher levels while he stays delirious.


Aussie foxy
*Stuffs you into the same sack as the other two and fills with feathers*
Very chuckly pillow, this!:p