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Would you want to live in a furry run house/apartment complex/city/town/state/etc

Would you like to live in/on

  • A house with 2+ furry housemates

    Votes: 387 33.9%
  • A whole apartment complex would be fun!

    Votes: 197 17.2%
  • A whole town/city! It'll be like AC every day!

    Votes: 123 10.8%
  • Fuck towns, a state!

    Votes: 15 1.3%
  • A country called Furtonia!

    Votes: 62 5.4%
  • A planet full of furries!

    Votes: 81 7.1%
  • A whole galaxy!

    Votes: 125 10.9%
  • No, furries are sick fucks and a cancer

    Votes: 34 3.0%
  • I'd hang myself first

    Votes: 57 5.0%
  • Disregard this, I suck cocks.

    Votes: 62 5.4%

  • Total voters


I am ultimately indifferent about this. Sure, it'll be fun to live with a bunch of people who share at least one of my many interests, but my only concern when it comes to people running a district or a country is if they're competent at their jobs.


New Member
I think we've all seen how zootopia went, so an entire world would be a bad idea.

On a serious note, I do think that at least a town or city would be fun, I could tolerate it.

Autumn the Squirrel

Sharing a house, apartment, whatever with two-or-three others could be cool.
Anything above an apartment seems too much of a hassle tbh


aka Cutter Cat
I think a building with Furries would be nice.


Active Member
I think it would be really fun to share an apartment or a house with a couple of furries :D but I wouldn't dislike to live in a city full of furries n_n


Foxy Felicia
If anyone has seen the film Event Horizon, that bit where they watch the ship’s log, that’s how I imagine a place that consisted entirely of furries to to be.


I've seen themed/community-reserved apartment complexes at a local industrial/alt music festival which worked quite well, so ideally that would be quite feasible. Communal areas and private rooms, the ideal balance.


If anyone has seen the film Event Horizon, that bit where they watch the ship’s log, that’s how I imagine a place that consisted entirely of furries to to be.
This right here not only speaks truth, but brings back memories of one kick ass movie...thank you lol


I don't think furries actively worship cock.

Unless you count "Oh god, deeper, faster, hurt me, oh yeah, fuck, hnnnnggggggggggghhhhhh, and huuunnnggghhh, and I want you inside me" a mantra for a cult.

That's hot.


profound asshole
If I knew fully well they weren't weirdos or sex-crazed, I'd probably think about it if I was in a pinch. Definitely not if I was better off, though.


A house with a couple of other furry housemates sounds fun but anything beyond that sounds too much for me! Us being a little community is what puts the magic in it.


Let's green egg and ham it!
There's a guy in this country of mine with a huge house that he pretty much uses as a hotel, like, people come and go all the time, he doesn't mind sharing stuff like beds, sheets, couches and such, and you can even spend many nights there if you're polite enough; every day in there is a blast, especially at night~ :D ... so yeah, I wouldn't mind living there or in any other similarly friendly place :p


Lover of Beasty Baes
I kinda looking forward to living alone with my plants away from people in general.
No thx.
However, i have seen how supportive furries have been. If i lived in a neighborhood of them, maybe I'll come outside to play later.

Jackpot Raccuki

Mind your manors
I wouldn't mind an apartment or even a small town worth full of furries.
Will just mean I have people who'll most likely have more stuff in common so I can actually go outside.
But the most is a small town, I don't want too many furries since... Well isn't the lack of us what makes it more fun? >w>

I guess I wouldn't mind having roommates, then again I can cope with being alone in my own home. Just don't wanna stay in my home alone all the time. :\


Jade the house cat
I would enjoy it with a whole complex of furrys. I can learn so mutch and the furry community is amazing who woudent want to live with in a complex like that.

Italo Fox

Active Member
Is the apartment complex option under the affordable housing plan?

Also, landlord should be a husky so he can literally bark at you for the rent money.


I can deal with furries being as roommates. I'm not sure I'd handle a town full of them, though or beyond that scope. Provided they keep their...certain kinks from me and I wouldn't have any business dealing with that.


House / apt with just one other furry and she needs to be about video games as well as some out doors stuff..... Also guns would be a thing with me cause idaho....(swear im only wolf fuz ball in north part).