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Would you want to live in a furry run house/apartment complex/city/town/state/etc

Would you like to live in/on

  • A house with 2+ furry housemates

    Votes: 387 33.9%
  • A whole apartment complex would be fun!

    Votes: 197 17.2%
  • A whole town/city! It'll be like AC every day!

    Votes: 123 10.8%
  • Fuck towns, a state!

    Votes: 15 1.3%
  • A country called Furtonia!

    Votes: 62 5.4%
  • A planet full of furries!

    Votes: 81 7.1%
  • A whole galaxy!

    Votes: 125 10.9%
  • No, furries are sick fucks and a cancer

    Votes: 34 3.0%
  • I'd hang myself first

    Votes: 57 5.0%
  • Disregard this, I suck cocks.

    Votes: 62 5.4%

  • Total voters


Shepherd of Fire
It'd be interesting, certainly. But imagine the racist 'anti-fur' clubs and suchlike. Wherever there is something different, some group would hate it with a passion....


New Member
I love living with furries lol
I currently am rooming with 2 in a nice apartment :3
They are good friends of mine in the fandom though, and I have known them for years. I trust them a lot and know them fairly well :3

If you want to live with other furries, be sure you know them well enough first. Otherwise you may not like the outcome, encase they're not the right fit, or something rather :p


New Member
I'm picky with people but if I could find two like-minded people who shared an interest in furry then I'd be open to the idea of living with them.


The Green Tiger
Having a apartment block full of furries I would find allot of fun if kinda dramatic at times I would imagine getting home from work I would cheer up and calm down before I even got to open my door

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
I love living with furries lol
I currently am rooming with 2 in a nice apartment :3
They are good friends of mine in the fandom though, and I have known them for years. I trust them a lot and know them fairly well :3

If you want to live with other furries, be sure you know them well enough first. Otherwise you may not like the outcome, encase they're not the right fit, or something rather :p
I'm in the same situation exept one is my husband and the other my BFF. Tis quite wonderful.


God no. Most of you don't wash or even do any sort of basic hygiene things at all. The whole place would smell like dead dog and wasted ejaculation.


Well-Known Member
Didn't vote on poll, my option was not there.

Joining furry fandom is simply self-declared and without requirement. So forming a community of people who share a superficial interest without speaking about or regarding their deeper values (or lack thereof) would be pretty retarded.

I mean, a community of anthros could be respectable, >>>>> IF <<<<< the community and anthropomorphic motif was signified by some sort of idealism deeper than just a masturbatory opiate. Oh, and >>>>> ALSO, ONLY IF <<<<< the last 20 years of selfish, entitled, and apathetic precedent set by the fandom's man-child STD-magnet lard-asses could be magically erased. I'm not talking about the beaten to death impossibility of changing the fandom. The fandom's ultra-inclusiveness, rejecting all forms of social minimums and standards, is well set in stone; you may as well try to reassemble a pumpkin after its been turned into a pie.

I'm saying that even trying to start up a little private anthropomorphic commune untainted by the shallow values of furry fandom is pretty impossible at this point. Anthropomorphism has been successfully culturally defined with incompetent sociopathic man-child self-diagnosed ASSBURGERS. What other demographic would be interested in joining an anthro club at this point?


Now, think about this: furries are shaping humanity's primordial attitudes about sapient inhuman life perhaps centuries before contact is made. We are.

That's far beyond the responsibility, by thousands of orders of more power with far-reaching consequences, than these worm neckbeards should have. Imagine the ideas about furries being applied, with dire consequences, to a fur/scale/feather-sporting alien race living on one of all those extrasolar planets NASA keeps discovering ( https://www.google.com/search?q=nasa+earth+like+planet+discovery ). Let's hope for our sake's and their's, that nature made all the aliens look exactly like humans, and nothing like highly evolved versions of any if the other lifeforms on Earth... on all the living worlds orbiting trillions of trillions of stars.

The concept of a respectable community of anthropomorphic beings is fucked along with humanity's attitudes toward sapient inhuman life -- thanks to furries -- forever. Case in point: if a fur covered race were to show up tomorrow, how much of humanity's attitude would be shaped by their attitudes towards furries (a contemporary hedonistic cesspit subculture of losers)? Ultimately, the sourness our irresponsibility leaves may come back to bite an ill-directed humanity in the ass sometime down the road.

As the twig is bent -- so grows the tree.


I think it would be cool living in a household of all furies but anything larger would make it not unique any more, and probably cause some people to loos intrest.

Stargazer Bleu

2b forgot is worse than death
Hard to say, some I roomed with at cons almost made me want to strangle myself on how they act.
Some not all, tho you really get to see how people really are when doing this.
Makes me believe(well more so) furries really ruin everything.

A couple may be okay if you know them well and personally.
Anything else I am saying yes and no at same time, and keep finding my self juggling both sides as good or bad.
A whole galaxy could work cause that would be the normal.


Sports Fanatic
Considering the fact that last year I lived in an apartment with a fellow furry I am all for sharing an apartment with two.

Rat Balls

everybody likes balls
i'd be down w/sharing an apartment with a couple of furs, but only so long as they're decent. there will be no "OMG SO RANDOM!!! I GOT FOAM!!!!!" here


Cheese Danish
I currently live in a house of four furs and two non-furs. It's not too bad. But then again, the furry thing really isn't brought up all that much other than mentioned in jokes. As long as the people are good everything should work out whether they were furry or not.


I wouldn't mind living with Some awesome Furries! I've lived in a house with two other furries once before. It was kinda fun!


Steely-Eyed Rocket Guy
Good Gravy. Almost 40 people answered negatively. It gives purpose to the trolls, I suppose.


Hallow Frostedhex Light
I would half to chose a whole town like animal Crossing I just love that game. I just don't see how I can live in a an apartment since I live one in the current moment and I just want to be that old lady with a broom to my neighbors upstairs. If I had to live in a house I would feel like I have to restrict being a furry to that house and not outside. I cand handle a town or a city then I can feel like I am different form the others, Plus I can live out in the woods away from people but yet I can walk to the store and get what I need to live.


Just a house with no more than 3 furry housemates, or no more than 1 per bedroom on a larger home (5+br). I feel the magic of cons would be ruined if there was anything larger than that.


I like the idea of Furries(anthros) being a living race of people and having their own country...


Struggles to Create
A town consisting of quite a few furs would be fun, I think.
Now... If everyone in said town/city was a furry, it may just get boring.
Being a fur is fun and unique! If everyone around you was one, it's be less enjoyable, I think.
That said, a lot of cities are like this, I just live in a small, unknown state in which I know not a single furry.