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Hiring: WoW/D&D/Etc Art, $10-$60+ budget


Got my first paycheck from my new job, looking to celebrate with some art.

I PREFER DIGITAL ART, and cutesy anime styles need not apply.

Because my characters are not very cartoony looking and I also want art of bigger dudes with my OCs. You're still welcome to post, however, in case you'd like to give it a shot. Chances are if art is great, I won't be picky. It's pretty rare to find people with traditional art, though, and I'll be a little less willing to accept traditional art unless it's higher quality.

A sample of the characters i'm looking to get art of;
Ashton Kennedy on Toyhouse
Dai on Toyhouse
Mortarok Bladehowl on Toyhouse
Vriska Nightbane on Toyhouse

If you are interested, please post here with;
Samples of your art.
What you are willing to do for how much
You are free to note me on FA, as well.
While i state my budget is $60, i am willing to do up to $80 for a good nsfw piece of one of my couples.

Please note that I would prefer you to be able to draw chub/muscle/couples/size differences!
Any couple art will probably be World of Warcraft-related and be Orcdude x Elflady or similar.


Local Bizartist
Hey there, D&D and game design stoofs is my jam!

I can do most body types and sizes I don't have any particular limits although I haven't had many customers or characters of my own that have been particularly chonk, but I'll drop the examples I DO have.
Have a looks see, feel free to contact me any way you fancy if you want something, Trello has my main contacts and price list.
I'll do some examples as links as the image size is pretty large.

www.furaffinity.net: Platinum born by Olivitree
www.furaffinity.net: The spell pirate by Olivitree
www.furaffinity.net: Rhoedanaar by Olivitree
www.furaffinity.net: Tribe of Nature by Olivitree

Here is my commission info and queue Trello
Price list directly: Trello
Some examples I have smaller ones of just for a quick glance for you.




FenryTJ on dA and Fefran on FA!

I PM'd as my NSFW examples are linked in the message. Hope that's okay!


Ante Up!
Heya, I play a lot of D&D/Pathfinder and usually draw my friends' characters, so I'll throw my hat in the ring here. I'm comfortable with drawing muscles, and comfy with both digital and traditional- I'll drop some of each here:



And here's my commissions sheet:


I like all the characters you posted as well! If you have any questions about pricing, feel free to ask as I'm pretty flexible. And just to make it easier, if you were looking for a NSFW couple piece it would be $55 with no BG, and up to $70 with detailed BG. These are my digital prices, but I don't have a traditional price list up since most people do not prefer it, haha. Happy to send that to you if you're feeling my traditional stuff!

Best of luck finding your artist, and congrats on your new job!


New Member
Hi there,

I am submitting my work for consideration.


a headshot like so would run about $25-$30. (more recent sample expressing quality here, but it's a dragon lol)


a fullbody like so would run about $50. (more recent sample expressing quality here, but it's a dragon as well)

I am comfortable with drawing muscles. Please note that many of my most recent samples feature "feral" characters (dragons, etc) as those circles were where I've garnered more business from lately, but I am comfortable with most topics.

Please see here for complete list of offerings and prices.

Thank you!


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


A lot of talent in this thread! Thank you guys for your interest, im still looking but will prob contact yall soon!


Hello! Are you still looking? These are just the types of characters I like to draw! <3

My prices go from 30$ to 90$, usually a fullbody character with cell shading is around 50$. Here are some examples of my work:



Active Member
Hi, I was very interested in your proposal and would very much like to be able to carry out this work.
This is the link of my portfolio in the FA: Raidez FA ( value negotiable )/ Artstation: Raidez
this is my page here in the forum where I ask my clients to write feedbacks.


Fantasy Artist
D&D and chub/muscle gives me life.
Here's my gallery: Artwork Gallery for Nike_M_Aguaraguazu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
A few select examples of my art:

My prices:
Sketchy $12
Lineart $20
Flat Color $25
Cell Shading $30
Full Shading $50
Traditional $40
Designing $5 extra
Complicated Designs (tattoos, extravagant clothing) $5-15 extra
Simple Background free
Detailed Background $Negotiable
Extra characters 50% discount

I won't draw NSFW porn, but I can draw artistic nudes and, I dunno, naked hugs or something.
I look forward to this!