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WoW searching


Evil Incorporated
So yes, a lot of people seem to be playing it these days and I was wondering if there are any fairly new ones that I could join and play with seeing as I am interested in getting back more into the community and also starting a new character. Europe or US, it does not matter seeing as I have both and upgraded to BC level. Simply want to give it another chance though it is not nearly as fun unless you have someone to play with.

Currently am am playing a bit of EVE though that does not take much time and cannot access it from work, which is the main place where I have time to waste for such things. Used to play DotA (Custom map for WC3) though seeing as our clan got disbanded due some inner drama and don't really feel like searching for a new clan so need something to replace it with. So why not WoW. So yes, if interested then do post a reply or PM.


Is not ****ing interested.