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Write a letter to someone/thing you love!


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Whether it's your mother, father, siblings or that bag of chips that took you 5 minutes to eat, this thread is a thread of open letters to the ones/things you love. I'll start:

Dear Banano my beloved banana slug, you are such a trooper and beautiful creature. From the bottom of my heart I promise to give you a good life no matter the shortness of your lifespan. You make me so happy just like all my pets. You are special in your own way too. Once you pass, you will never be forgotten. All my pets mean so much to me and that includes you. Thank you. Thank you for teaching me to love all nature's creatures no matter how odd or squishy they are. You are my wonderful little companion until the end.

Dear little sister, I forgive you and love you with every fiber of my being. You suffered in this world and I didn't always see it. I'm so deeply sorry for some of the hurtful things I've done to you. I am ashamed to have acted so harshly towards you when I was suffering beside you. I promise you to never treat you like that again! I promise to love you forever. I don't care if you have a disability. YOU ARE MY FRIEND NO MATTER WHAT. My wonderful sister... I'll love you always.

Dear Hershey's, I love how much you are the worst chocolate compared to almost everything else. Keeping being terrible yourself! lol


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Dear furry fandom, thank you for being the best people, the worst people and the most influential people in my life. I'm writing this as a I sit alone in my small apartment covered in a blanket while drinking some hot coffee so bare with me here. You are all so important to me. No matter how horribly I was being treated as a kid I could always count on my furry friends online to cheer me up. Now that I'm an adult I can explore this fandom, the world and life itself more efficiently. I've been here in this fandom since I was 15. I don't ever regret joining and trust me when I say I have a LOT of regrets. I love you all.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Dear Borbs,
Thank you for brightening my mood every time I see you. Seeing living Squishables always makes me smile. Especially if they beep/peep/coo/cluck/chirp/etc.. Pile on me and smother me in your feathery floof!
Stay poofy.

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Dear Tugger (not a typo. Tugger with a "u"),

You are the best cat ever. I wish you were still my cat. My mother gave you away and I had no control over it. I miss you so much and I love you so, so much. Thank you for being one of my best friends when I was a teenager. Thank you for your cute little broken meow that always put a smile on my face. Lastly, thank you for being my main source of emotional support when I needed you most.

We will meet again, whether it's in this life or in Heaven.


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Dear Ruv, thank you so much for being such a wonderful character. I didn’t expect myself to fall love with you so quickly, but I was smitten from the very first time I played Zavodila in the Mid-Fight Masses mod. I’ve failed that level over 50 times so far, but I’m really determined to beat it, because I want to make you proud.

Dear Polnareff, I’d also like to thank you for being a wonderful character too. I’m so sorry about your sister Sherry, and about a lot of other things that happened in canon too. You didn’t deserve any of it. That’s why I love reading fanfics where you finally get a chance to be happy. Playing the 7th Stand User makes me desperately wish that there was a Stardust Crusaders dating sim/visual novel, because if there was, I’d definitely pursue you.


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Dear FA, thank you for always having rule 34 of every vaguely furry character in the mainstream. And on those days when I really need a double stuffed fox, you'll always be there to deliver on those late nights . You're wonderfully awful, and I wouldn't want it any other way.
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