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Write a short scp file for the person above you~


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So just drop a sfw ref and the person below will twist your character and write a short scp file based on them that person will then leave a ref/description for the next person.
I'll start out by doing a file for the first person who comments.


Canis Centaurus


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Item: Dark magic SCP-8971

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8971 is to be kept in a humanoid containment cell food, water and a change of clothing shall be provided at least once daily. Scp-8971 can eat meat vegetables but no gluten. SCP-8971 must be provided clothing similar to high fantasy wizards normal humanoid SCP jumpsuits leave SCP-8971 in an agitated state. SCP-8971 is not allowed any written material or allowed materials that could be used to write with if SCP-8971 is caught attempting to write anything with blood or food products SCP-8971 is to be restrained and any writing carefully removed.

Description: SCP-8971 is a tall animal humanoid creature weighing roughly 170 pounds at 5'11 height he has bat wings red and black fur with canine like facial features.

Discovery: SCP-8971 was originally found at a D&D convention being held in Texas REDACTED gathering as many handbooks as he could get his hands on. The foundation was alerted quickly due to his carelessness. He read through the texts over and over out loud the texts flying through the air these texts were bright red and anyone who witnessed them began to age rapidly. SCP-8971 was quickly taken down with tranqalizer darts at a distance by agent REDACTED amnestics were given to any witnesses thankfully the while they aged rapidly SCP-8971 wasn't fully active along enough to make a noticeable difference to their age.