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(Commission) Selling: Writer selling erotica story commissions for 3-4 cents per word (250 to 10k words)


smut writer
Literotica/Hentai Foundry author ElizzyViolet here: I am offering NSFW short story commissions. I specialize in original stories but can also do fanfiction. My stories have a total of 250k views across the twenty or so stories on the three platforms.

My rates are 3 or 4 cents per word: the three cent rate is for stories I can post on Literotica, and the four cent per word rate is for private commissions and stories that I can't post on Literotica. You can ask if you have questions about whether or not your story's content is allowable on Literotica.

My email is elizzyviolet@gmail.com: send requests and questions there. For other writing related services, send me an email and we can discuss details and rates.

I accept payment via paypal and would like to be paid upfront. You can expect the quality of the story to be similar to other things I've written: see Literotica/HF profiles (username same as above) for my original stories.