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Writers’ Support Thread


Birb Fanatic
So, you might have seen or heard of “artist support” posts. They’re meant to help promote underrated artists and people who are struggling to get noticed.
In the furry fandom, I believe that authors never get enough credit for all of the hard work they put into their stories. Writing is just as much of a valid art form as drawing.

I’ve created this thread for any fellow authors within the fandom to post and promote their stories! I hope to raise awareness of the fact that our craft is massively under-appreciated.

I’ll start by saying that I mostly write urban-ish fantasy, and am working on a multi-chapter webnovel that can be read on its official website here. I also have some short stories up on my FA page, as well as a novel-length commission story in the works.


Birb Fanatic
Check out these novels! I’ve read them all, and they’re amazing. Yes, they’re pretty long, but they’re certainly worth your time.

Slave Trade by comidacomida — A fantasy full of action & intrigue, with unforgettable characters such as Sidney and Hector. You really don’t want to miss out on this one, trust me.

Legacy: Dawn, Heretic, Off The Beaten Path and others by Rukis — Nobody ever seems to talk about her novels, which is a shame, since they’re some of the best books (furry or otherwise) that I’ve ever read. They’re principally character-driven and feature great artwork, too.

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