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(Commission) Selling: Writing, Art, Conceptual Editorial Commissions $5-30


Two authors, two artists, two foxes
Hello, and welcome!

Gabriel Foxx here. Finally, after psyching myself up for a long time, I am very happy to announce that as of today, I am open for writing, art, and storyboarding commissions!

WRITING - Approx. $1 per 100 words, heavily depending on format

ART - $10-$25

PROFESSIONAL EDITING/DIGITAL OPTIMIZATION - $5 per artwork, $2 per 100 words CONCEPTUAL/CHARACTER - $10 approx. Including professional display sheet

Feel free to ask for a specific price quote per project, and I'll see what I can do

Writing prices hinge tightly upon what kind of product you are looking for, but everything will be quite reasonable and relative to size. Any short narratives, story segments etcetera are quite welcome, though I am also open to larger, more involved projects. Any subject matter, any style – from Victorian to Science Fiction. I am exceedingly proficient with formatting, post-production and editorial processes, so a highly professional result is guaranteed!

Art prices will hinge heavily upon what style you'd prefer, and what level of detail the scene or subject requires. I prefer sketch and abstract, but given proper direction I can make about anything work. The general rule for pricing on these pieces will be between $10-$30, with the low end being a minimalistic headshot sketch or something of the like, and the high end being a detailed, coloured scene. Again, any style, any subject.

Need a character, story or world fleshed out, improved, or even created from scratch? For $10, I can work with your specific requirements, suggestions, and interests to create some thing that fits you one hundred percent! After conceptualising 50+ unique works of fiction, I specialise in all things from etymological naming, logical world conceptualisation, and ironing out even the most convoluted plot into an engaging, constructive narrative. In addition, once work is completed to your satisfaction, I will provide a sleek, fully formatted and professional display sheet (Charsheet) detailing the character, world, ect. These are also available for $5 separately, at request.

As stated above, I am also open to document editing/digital art optimisation/editing at the stated prices. Be it an entire prospective book, or simply a sketch that you feel could use some flavour, expect a smooth, professional result.

All of these figures are in AUD, which actually makes them cheaper than they seem! I will take most any job (prices may vary at rare, specific discretion), with the notable exception of NSFW, which I personally extend to cover 'fetish' work. However, I will not be taking profit rights to any characters or conceptual interests I am paid by another to formulate, and use of my art need only require corresponded mention.

With that said, If you're interested in contacting me directly, I am available at gabrielfoxx-19@yahoo.com.au, or on DeviantArt at Gabriel-Foxx - Professional, Writer | DeviantArt with responses by the end of the day.

Thank you for reading, and I'm looking forward to business with you all!

Gabriel Foxx