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Writing Commission Now Commence! (Opening to New Clients)


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Greetings to all.

I am the Shrouded Celestial, though you may call me C. A. Harrington or C. A. if you'd like. I would love to take on the challenge and privilege of writing for you. Be it a poem, song lyrics, or even something quick to tickle your senses, I'm here to provide for you. Take the time to read through some stories that have already shared to my FurAffinity page. I have other projects currently in the making, so you will be in for quite the ride!

I work with you, not against you. So please don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you happen to have concerns!

I do hope everyone has a wonderful day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you may be in the world.

Thank you,

C. A. Harrington

P.S.- One addition I'm highly in favor of is a fantasy based story that I will be adding to my arsenal in 'Episode' based installments. If fantasy is up your alley, then please take a look.

Price Slot:

Detailed Character Descriptions
$2 per paragraph


Song Lyrics

Short Stories "Quickies": "Quickies" are straight to the point stories that do not consist of a plot. With these, it is up to the client how detailed they want the scene to be. Please be in mind that the more heavily detailed the story, the more words that are used and you will have to pay for the extra pages.

500-1000 words= $5
1200-15oo words= $10

(Extra Pages are an additional $3)

Original Fiction Stories w/o Mature Content: Who doesn't enjoy content that stars their own characters? With your vision behind the wheel, it is my job to paint a more visual picture for the brain to indulge in. OFS w/o sexual content keeps the reader focused on the plot and not what happens in the bedroom, kitchen, the park or wherever couples do the do. Your story continues on without hiccups and has either the perfect ending or a cliffhanger for the next part of the story.

2000 words: $15

3000 words: $25

4000 words: $35

5000 words: $45

6000 words: $55

7000 words: $65

8000 words: $75

9000 words: $85

10,000 words: $95

(After 10,000 words it will be $5 per page)

Original Fiction Stories/Erotica: As we are animals down in our DNA, so are the characters that we create. It's only natural for us to demand release and we have to get it one way or another. Erotica or OFS w/ sexual content gets you the full package. All the details you want as if you were watching it right off the silver screen. It can be the perfect break a reader needs when the characters are on an adventure, or perhaps you're just that sexually charged and want to see some characters get down and dirty! Whatever your poison, I've got you covered!

2000 words: $20

3000 words: $30

4000 words: $40

5000 words: $50

6000 words: $60

7000 words: $70

8000 words: $80

9000 words: $90

10,000 words: $100

(After 10,000 words it will be $5 per page)

Writing Do's:

+ Fantasy
+ Post-Apocalyptic (This includes light gore descriptions)
+ Incest Based Erotica (Characters must be over the age of 16+)
+ Modern/Present Time
+ Furry Stories
+ Any Gender
+ Romance

Writing Don'ts:

- Toilet Play (I will accept the occasional character wetting themselves if they get scared, that is how far I will take it.)
- Heavy Gore
- Sci-Fi (I enjoy watching Sci-Fi, though writing Sci-Fi has never been my strong suit)
- Shota/Lolicon (In sexual situations. I will not do it.)
- Politics
- Hate Crimes (Gender Hate, Political Hate, Race Wars, etc.)

((If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask me!))

*Payments are in USD. All payments are done through Paypal. I take payment after the second final editing before it is sent to you.*

**My process: Talking with my client to get down the details of their characters, the nature of the content they are looking for and the direction the story should go. After the consultation, I will begin writing their story. Writing takes around 3-4 days as I will be spending close to eight hours a day typing; the entire promise is around 5-7 days. (If I have an emergency, you will be notified immediately and writing will be pushed back no more than a week.) After I have finished the rough draft, the client will view the draft and make any remarks, i.e. edits I should make or things I should take out. Another day will be for making those edits and proofreading the entirety of the story. After final edits are done, client will again see the product and make any added remarks and desired changes. THERE WILL BE NO MORE CHANGES AFTER THE SECOND EDIT. ANY CHANGES YOU WANT DONE AFTER THE FINAL EDITS WILL COST AN ADDITIONAL $5 CHARGE. With final edits completed, your story will be e-mailed and be on its way to you.**

***All writings come with an optional cover page, watermark and page numbering. My default font is Calibri Light however, if there is a certain font you want your story to be typed in, please let me know before hand; this also goes for title headings. Send me a link of the font you want me to use and I will add it. Writings are edited to a Wide margin and 1.5 spacing between the lines. Chapters are not an extra charge and if you would like chapters between a certain number of pages please let me before hand. Ex.: If you have a story that is 5000 words, before editing it will be between 9-10 pages. After edits the page numbers increase to 15-16 pages. I DO NOT CHARGE FOR THE PRICE OF THE PAGES AFTER EDITS ARE MADE. EXTRA PAGE CHARGES ARE DONE BEFORE THE EDITS.***