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(Commission) Selling: Writing Commissions--$15 per 1000 words (meaning $0.015 per word).


Maverick Hunter D-Boy reporting!
So, I'm offering writing commissions.

Rate: About $0.015 per word. (So, for example, a 1000-word work would be $15)
[This rate may be subject to change in the near future, so keep your eyes open. Also, this doesn't include tax, so I'll be sure to mention this when preparing the payment.]

It will be short stories, so don't be asking for like a big book worth of writing (besides, not a lot of readers on these websites have that big an attention span anyway).

If you do plan a bigger story, it'd have to be broken up into seperate chapter uploads. Talk to me about it (and please do plan in advance so other possible buyers don't get left out, okay?).

While I have been known to write fanfictions... to be safe, I'll only do some original character stories. (Exceptions could include Pokemorph, Digimorph, or anthros of well-established monster-trainer genre creatures. It'll just be in a different universe/mulitverse than the canonical. We can talk about it beforehand.)

So here's how it's set up:
(1) Tell me in a note the character(s) and setting. If it's a larger story, just tell me who and what are in that current chapter.
(2) Once I get a first (or whatever) draft ready, I'll show it to you to see if it needs any changes. This will go on until we get a satisfactory product.
(3) Once we get the final product ready, I'll give you the price and my Paypal email (remember to set it to "Pay for Goods and Services", and also set it to "no address necessary"). I'll upload it on my end once I get the payment. Once it's uploaded on my end, you'll be allowed to upload it on your end if you like (but wait until then, okay?).

Also, if there's a particular due date you have in mind (for example, a birthday gift or some holiday), PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

(Note to admins and mods--I rephrased the list of "won't do" so as to stay within regulations as best I can.)

What I will NOT write (they're just not my thing):
* Yaoi/yuri/shounen-ai/shoujo-ai (in other words, the gay/lesbian/whatever stuff). Just... not my thing.
* Herms (be it futa or shota) or MPreg.
* Anything that could be considered bestiality, so basically sexual scenes of human with feral (non-anthro) I won't do. I may consider human with anthro (like Roger Rabbit style, or like the webcomic Two Kinds). Anthro with feral... may be kinda pushing it.
* Underaged sexual stuff.
* Watersports, scat, any bodily functions (other than the occasional burp or, in very rare cases, wind-breaking). And no vore either.
* Hate stuff (racism, etc).
* Extreme gore (except for the occasional creepypasta).
* Anyone who knows me knows I dislike Mighty Mouse, so I must turn those down (this includes OC's inspired by said character). Nothing inherently wrong with that show, it's just I have a disdain for that cartoon. It's that simple. (And anyone who sings that song to my face will get the Dio treatment!)

What I am willing to write:
* Sexual stuff--but only if it's between husband and wife (heterosexuality is a given).
* Mild to moderate violence... as long as it really is part of the plot, or otherwise justified.
* Some swearing--as long as it's kept to a minimum.
(Long story short--I'm trying to keep it within Mature Rating at most. But in General rating if at all possible.)

(Anything not on the above lists, ask me first to find out whether or not I might do them.)

One more thing--please do not rush me. Please be patient, and I will get the work done as soon as I can.