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Writing commissions available, starting at .011USD/word ($11 for 1000 word pieces)
Minimum 500 words. (5.50 US)

I am a writer who is interested in trying new things and expanding my repertoire. I love getting into the minds of new characters and breathing life into them.
Also, I just plain love to write sexy stories, especially those that bring character development and plot progression through lewd activity.

Some examples of stories I wrote are here
www.furaffinity.net: Feelin' Love by TikTikKobold
(M)- A series I'm working on that's character driven and mature, but not pornographic. (2000) words
www.furaffinity.net: The Party [Commission] by TikTikKobold
(NSFW) - Simple smutty story describing lewd acts by lewd people (10,000 words)
www.furaffinity.net: Bardic Scales [Commission] by TikTikKobold
(NSFW) - An adventure series with lots of sexy action and hard-hitting drama. (3,000 words)

Terms of Service for Writing Commissions:
When we establish a commission, we will discuss if a piece is something I am interested in working on. Then, we shall set a price for the rate. At this point, we can establish a word count goal for the story, or we can leave that open, as long as the rate per word is established. Then, when I am ready to write your piece, I will let you know along with any questions I have. After we got everything sorted out, I shall begin writing. After writing the first "chunk" of the piece (usually 1000 words. Anything under 2000 words is subject to adjustment), I will send an invoice to you for half of the value of those words. After you pay, I will send you the rough draft, and we will communicate anything you want changed in that part of the story, I will then work on the next part until we reach the agreed-upon word count. At that point, you will have paid me half of the agreed-upon sum. Afterwards, I shall begin the editing process. I will send you the invoice for the rest of the piece, and once you are satisfied, you will let me know we are done when you pay the rest. If you wish me to do a multi-chapter work or something over 10,000 words, I will ask that you allow me to break the piece up into smaller chapters so that I may get to other people commissioning me.

I reserve the right to ask for a different price for new projects

My Furaffinity Profile is here: Userpage of tiktikkobold -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Feel free to contact me here or there.