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Writing Commissions OPEN $10 per thousand word Paypal Only

Not sure if this is the right spot for this, but figured I'd post it here anyhow, apologizes if this isn't permitted in this area.

Hello gang! I'm opening myself for some writing commissions ! I have been writing for 10+ years and have been doing writing commissions for almost 4! I have done a lot of gay erotic furry stories, Fanfiction, gay human erotica and much more. Many of my clients have rehired me for more work!

I charge $10 per thousand word !

What do I write

Furry Erotica (Yiff)
Muscle Worship
+ more

What I will not Write
Scat, Soiling, Age Play, Diapers, Baby Furs

I can link you to personal works that I have posted on other sites and on FA if you are seeking some of my references. If you wish to hire me feel free to DM me on FA or you can add me on Discord.

Discord - GuardianoftheCrystal#9592