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Writing Commissions Open!


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Original Commission Journal Link Available At: K9Lupus Commission Info

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life with my writing. At the heart of my writing is an emphasis on story, characters, and bringing the realm of the magical into our reality.

What Will You Write?

Stories related to:
-Anthro/Furry Characters
- Non-Human Feral Characters
- Human/Humanoid Characters or Fantasy Creatures
- Transformation-themed subjects

-Character Bios/Profiles
-Concept Scenes for Animated/Video Projects

I specialize in writing Fantasy and Folklore stories, but am open to writing in Romance/Sci-Fi/Horror/Comedy work as well. I love getting the opportunity to explore new genres I might not otherwise visit on my own.

What Will You NOT Write?

-No fetish work including but not limited to: inflation, hyper, gore, vore, bondage, and others. I retain the right to decline a commission if the subject is something that is outside my comfort zone. I will try to suggest alternatives for these ideas that will still work for myself and the commissioner, but if no resolution can be met the commission will be declined.

-Explicit Sexual Scenes and Content

-At this time I am not writing for any fan-based content on established fandoms (such as MLP).


Original Writing

$30/1000 words (Prorated for any desired length, i.e. a 500 word story commission would be $15)

$25/1000 words (Prorated)

-Edits of written works will include a round of proofreading for grammar, sentence structure, and word choice along with an annotated summary of feedback based on storyline elements, themes, and plot devices for your review.

-Edits can be for non-creative material as well such as website or blog posts or other content.

“Three-or-Free” Guarantee

-All commissioned writing from me will be completed and given to the commissioner within three business days of confirming final details and receiving payment for the commission. If your commission is delayed without prior notification you will receive a full refund on your commission from me. For commissions longer than 3,000 words an estimated date of completion will be given instead as a guideline.


-If you are interested in receiving a commission from me please send me a private note with details on your idea including the general plot, character information, setting, any desired scenes, how you'd like the story to end, etc. I welcome character references to help me with my work.

-Commissions will only be started after payment is received. At this time I only accept PayPal as payment.

-Finalized versions of commissions will be sent over as a .doc or PDF file based on commissioner's preference and may be posted on their associated pages as well. Commissioned works may not be used for commercial purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I get a writing commission from you can I commission additional content for it at a later date?

A: Sure! I'd be happy to add onto work I've already previously worked on. It'd follow the same procedure as the initial commission process.

Q: I don't agree with some of your editing choices you made on my work. Isn't doing “X” a stylistic choice?

A: Editing is a rather suggestive process. There are many different styles and techniques when it comes to writing, and so if there is a change you feel strongly about you aren't obligated to use it.

Q: I have an OC I designed for my favorite fandom! Can I get a story written around it?

A: I would be fine with discussing a way for the story involving the character to not take place within the fandom world. Choosing to make something like that work would be at my discretion.

Q: About how long is a 1,000 word story anyway?

A: It would be about 2 pages at my standard 12 pt, Times New Roman, single-spaced styling

Example Commission Form:

Word Count:
1,500 words

A man is captured and becomes the subject to a strange, new laboratory procedure that causes him to become an anthro lizard. He desperately tries to evade his captors while the transformation continues.

Male, 25-27: cautious, frightened, clever, lanky. See the attached references on how I think he'd look plus this awesome lizard pic I found!

Current day/ Secret island facility

Desired Scenes:
At one point the man bashes one of the pursuing captors with his whip-like tail and has a moral conflict about what's happening to him as he succumbs to being more animal-like.

Man barely escapes the island on a stolen boat, wondering how he will adjust to his former life back home.

Thank you in advance if you choose to partner with me on a commission. I look forward to working with you. :)


I'm happy to answer any questions below about my commission process or anything unclear from my commission information. I've been overjoyed by the support of the FA community in my craft and I look forward to continuing to grow. You all inspire me to do my best and reach my potential!