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I'm opening writing commissions! I charge a base of $10, after that it is $1 for every 100 words.

500 words - $10
1,000 words - $15
1,500 words - $20
2,000 - $25
And so on.

I won't charge for extra words I tack on. For example, if you commission me for 1,500 words and I write 1,600, I will only charge you for 1,500.

If you want any gore/kinks* I'll add on a $5 tax once, meaning a 1,000 word commission has the same tax as a 2,000 word commission. I'm willing to write nearly anything, I have very few limits.

I will do any fanfiction you want as well. If you want a fandom I'm not familiar with, please give me an extra day or two to research the characters! Any advice/headcanons you want included are welcome. If you have any OCs you want included, please give me a picture and some knowledge about them, obviously.

If you are unsure about my writing, I can write a short 100-200 word "sampler". Simply tell me what you would like me to write about, and I would be happy to do it for you!

*I will do vanilla nsfw free of extra charge.

Thank you for reading!
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