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Writing Plays (and other media)


Wishes He could Fly
This is just a thread to talk about anything you've written that doesn't follow the typical 'novel/short story' format. I've been writing a lot of One Acts recently and I've been working on a full length play for some time with the intent that they will be eventually performed and one of the interesting things is making concessions regarding staging.

How about the rest of you? What are your experiences?


Impractical Fantasy Animal
I wrote a script for a 1-hour anime OAV before realizing that getting it produced would be pretty much impossible. I've written several outlines and 5-page sample scripts for graphic novels, but I decided not to fully write the scripts until after an artist had said that they liked the concept enough to want to draw it. I moderate a forum about writing video game scripts. My main personal difficulty with script formats is I'm just not interested in writing short, and no one seems to be interested in producing anything except short.


Has No Compassion
I've written a few plays- and having been in stagecraft- am fairly adept at cues. However, the dialog doesn't keep the length I want, so they always end up being a One Act. I've wanted to do a screenplay, but that's quite more difficult.