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Writing Short Story Commissions, $6.5/500 words. Erotica, Fantasy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Romance

Hello! I am Tik Tik and I have been posting my work on Furaffinity for about a year now. My work includes things in the swords and sorcery fantasy genre, slice of life romance, adventure, horror, and overall erotica. Feel free to check out my profile (linked above) for example (all are either mature or adult. I don't have any SFW posts to show off.

My rate is .013 USD/word, with the lowest being $6.50 for 500 words. I currently have not run into a kink I wasn't willing to try, so feel free to ask for anything in details. Do not feel like you need to ask me for something sexual, either. I am more than happy to take on SFW stories as well!

Again, my profile (NSFW examples only): Userpage of TikTikKobold -- Fur Affinity [dot] net