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(Commission) Selling: Written Commission ($5-$50+)


Daz Poorthorn
Good day/afternoon/night/or even morning all, I have been writing stories the moment I was able to watch movies and television. Truly is a hobby of mine to come up with stories off the top of my head but I also have a knack for making interesting stories. For the past two years I have been working with individuals that would love to have their story written and even had certain individuals want to help me make my goal of being a writer on deviantART and Twitter and even Facebook possible. I thank those individuals that gave me a chance and looked at my work just to see that I'm the real deal, but my journey does not end there because there are more individuals that would definitely love to have their story written. If you would like your story written here are the prices that will permanently be what I will be offering:


5 dollars only

Short story / One shot (the One-Shot will be a good one or two pages of detail but not overly detailed like a full-length novel where I would go fully in the world with the story. the short story side of things it will be much more detailed but the price would go up by 2.)

• 500/1000 words - $5 / $10 (One Shot)

• 1000 / 1500 words - $10 / $15 (Short Story)

[Extra Page cost 5 dollars.]

Fanfiction (I don't know a lot about every fandom that comes my way but I am always willing to look up information and find out what is going on with the character at this very moment or back when the show or television series was popular. If a character that I know of is shown within the request I would put my heart and soul into it which is for any content creator. It will definitely have detail and will be anything that you want from your request but just be aware that the price will go up from how much you are asking for and how long it will take.)

• 500 / 1000 / 1500 words - $10 / $15 (SFW / NSFW)

[Extra pages cost 5 dollars.]

Original Story Stories / Normal Stories (When it comes to original Stories I will definitely be fully Hands-On and not play any games whatsoever, because if someone needs a story written by me and it's from their own ideas I would definitely work with them to try to make sure that everything is written properly and in the right order. At the end of the day I am a businessman and I am not trying to pull back any punches especially when it comes to looking at this not as a friend writing a letter but a man doing a job and needs to do it right.)

• 2000 words - $20

• 2500 words - $25

• 3000 words - $30

• 3500 words - $35

• 4000 words - $40

• 4500 words - $45

• 5000 words - $50

• 5500 words - $55

• 6000 words - $60

• 6500 words - $65

• 7000 words - $70

• 7500 words - $75

• 8000 words - $80

• 8500 words - $85

• 9000 words - $90

• 9500 words - $95

• 10000 words - $100

• 20000 words - $200

Erotica (I know that a lot of people like erotica and will definitely agree that not many writers do it especially those that don't do it in the right state of mind either. I have written my own fair share of erotica stories, in fact I have written three already and writing one at the moment. Hopefully if you would like one it will definitely be done to your satisfaction.)

• 2000 words - $30

• 2500 words - $35

• 3000 words - $40

• 3500 words - $45

• 4000 words - $50

• 4500 words - $55

• 5000 words - $60

• 5500 words - $65

• 6000 words - $70

• 6500 words - $75

• 7000 words - $80

• 7500 words - $85

• 8000 words - $90

• 8500 words - $95

• 9000 words - $150

• 9500 words - $250

• 20000 words - $250

[Wills and wonts]



Horror stories

Gay love Stories / BL

Lesbian love Stories / GL

Straight love stories


Romantic Stories

Medieval Stories



Gag stories / Funny stories

SFW/NSFW Stories

Action/Adventure stories

Drama stories

Thriller stories

Cartoon stories / Rubber Hose

Fantasy stories

Spice of life stories (fantasy with a mix of reality.)

Short Stories

Hentai stories

Futuristic stories

Sci-fi stories

Dungeons & dragons Stories

Vanilla kink stories

Theory stories



Mass Effect



Real life YouTuber stories (sorry jacksepticeye X pewdiepie fan)

Rape (I won't do it unless there is proper or meaning behind it because if it's just rape then I will not write the story.)

Lolicon / Shotacon (I will only write about it if the characters are of age and not actually children as they would classify as either midgets or petite.)

Racism stories (the ones that actually have a point to it and not just for hatred then I might write about it but if it's just going to be a story that will just be about humiliation and disrespect to one's race then I will not do the project.)

Politics (I hate talking about politics.)

Extreme fetish style stories

Transformation Stories (I won't do it if it's only for ones fetish and no real sorry is behind it.)

Extreme kinks / gross fetishes (seriously I can't fathom this enough where I will not do any stories with a nasty kink or growth fetish like a diaper fetish or even a bathroom fetish, don't even get me started about the fart fetish or the puke fetish.)

Forced gay story (I understand that everybody has their stories and their kinks but I will not force characters to do ask that they would not do if they were put on screen or on paper but I would for an extra 4 dollars. I'm a businessman and I understand that people have their likes and dislikes but if you really want this written down then you just gotta deal.)

Bad End Stories

Depressing stories

((please understand that I write these stories with my feelings intact so if something's going on within the story that I don't like I will not do it and give you a refund or I will negotiate with you on some changes. but if those changes are not of your liking then I will have no choice but to cancel it.))

[Here is work that I have done in the past]

Gambit X Reader - Xmen Fanfiction:



Choi X Maru - Gay NSFW Fanfiction:


Keith X Allura - Voltron Fanfiction:


Poetry Collection 2019 -


Heroine X Villain love story:


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