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Wrong Number Blues


It's a statistical reality that we are all going to make or receive a wrong number at some point in our lives. These occasions can range from humorous, to annoying, to downright scary if the person who they meant to call is some criminal who owes 1,000,000 dollars worth of cocaine to somebody. What happened to me today isn't nearly so bad but still a bit saddening.

Basically, I woke up to see 4 missed calls and 3 voicemail messages. Wondering who needed my attention so badly that they would be as persistent as this, I called back and got:

Stranger: Blake?
Me: No... my name is Matthew
Stranger: Oh I guess he changed his number
Me: Ah yeah I'm sorry, I don't live in that area code anymo-
Stranger: *click*

Confused since the lady didn't seem that mean, I checked the voicemail and all three of them were her talking in a little kid voice, saying 'daddy', asking for the 'swimmy shorts that were still at your house.' You could tell it wasn't her kids (assuming she had any) but her talking in that voice and it upset me she would sink so low. Obviously if she didn't have her husbands (or ex husband as I found out when calling back) number anymore there must've been some bad blood. Hopefully she takes the hint now at least.


I'm wondering what kind of wrong number experiences you guys have had, either giving or receiving.

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Sometimes I dial the secret number for 30% off Domino's Pizza and then the man who picks up the phone sounds like Joe Biden. I think the illuminati is behind all this, I once went to a Masonic temple and did not flush the toilet.


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Not many, and I have to say many of the people whop do accidentally mis dial my number are often apologetic. some phone numbers are alike so all people have to do is hit a wrong number when dialing and not realize and they end up saying hi to total stranger. I don't believe I have ever done it yet.


Happens all the time, since our phone number is almost the same as two different businesses.

The most memorable was this time it was a woman screaming her lungs out in spanish.


Happens all the time when people forget to tell us they changed their phone number and we try to contact them about photo orders. Nothing too funny, but it's weird how some people get offended like I'm accusing them of ordering pictures.

"Hi I'm calling about your photo ord-"



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I once had a guy keep calling for someone named Robert. I had the phone number for two years and didn't know anyone named Robert. The guy called several times in a row asking "Is Robert there?" so I would respond like this:

"There is nobody here by that name, sorry."
"Nope, he still doesn't live here."
"He hasn't moved in here in the last five minutes."

etc. All the phone calls took place within an hours time.


Oddest iv ever got was just a man calling his daughter and it was quite awkward when I couldn't tell it wasn't my dad for a near minute >_>

also got a text from a guy talking about coming back from a trip to Egypt.


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Right after my father passed away we kept getting phone calls from bill collectors or just idiots spam calling us for various reasons.
Anyway, it was probably a month after he passed, and my youngest brother and i were sitting at home watching cartoons, and this one lady from this same company kept calling us.
We had told this lady, several times that our father had passed away and that he was not available.

Anyway, at the fiftieth time she called, my brother got on the phone and said hello, and the conversation proceeded something like this:

Yes may I speak to G L please.
G.L. Is he available?
Oh god...
Excuse me?
MY FATHER... HES DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!! Gwwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
*i come on the phone*
How dare you!
Excuse me?
How dare you speak about my father like that! Hes been dead for over a month and my brother has been going through psychological counseling the entire time trying to get over this tragedy!
I am sorry ma'am i didnt mean...
Do not apologize! He is going to have to go into counseling again because of you! You are an ASS! *hang up*

All the while in the background while im on the phone, my brother is screaming like hes dying or something.
I would have given ANYTHING to see the look on that womans face. Or what her boss did to her because "they record conversations for quality assurance".


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I just got a new phone number and I've been getting so many calls from telemarketers for the person who had the number before me. It's starting to drive me nuts


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Wrong-number calls are all I get at home.

At work, my company has two front office numbers, both in the same prefix, and the city has two very similar prefixes. Because of that, my company routinely gets two types of wrong-number calls. However, by a twist of fate, both right numbers for the wrong-number calls are for businesses: One is a tax preparer, and the other is a church.

I just got a new phone number and I've been getting so many calls from telemarketers for the person who had the number before me. It's starting to drive me nuts



I once got a call from a doctor - years ago - someone with the same name as me but much years older had gone in for a pregnancy test and the results had come back positive. It took the doctor awhile before he realized he was talking to a 14 year old who was having far to much fun dragging him along for this little ride.
I still wonder to this day if the mother ever got called or if she just ended up with a surprise nine months later.

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I once had this weird old grandma calling me over and over again even when I did say she had the wrong number.
It lasted for so long ;_;

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I know I've made and received a few wrong number calls over time, but I honestly don't remember any of them... None of them were that notable, really.


Let's see...I've gotten
a series of calls that were frantic from a guy begging his girlfriend to come back
Some Indian sounding man who was thanking me for some award
enough texts and calls for a guy name Chris...
several pictures of a guy on a golf cart who thought I was kidding when I told him he had the wrong number
and last but not least those calls saying they were going to meet someone somewhere. Usually at a theater.


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My friend and I thought it would be funny to screw with one of our other friends. She tried to play it off like it was my fault, but SHE SENT ME THE WRONG NUMBER and I end up prank texting the wrong person. When I thought the prank was being dragged on long enough I decided to give up and confess. For some reason, I thought he just didn't remember me (he is a bit old and we believe his memory is deteriorating), and I tried convince the whoever I was talking to that they knew me. I dragged the conversation on even further and basically made myself look like a Jackass. :confused:

I really wouldn't mind knowing who the hell I was talking to...


Now I just got this creepy number from a computer woman voice saying how my 'Bankcorp' account might have been infiltrated and how I need to give them my bank account number over the phone. (This is silly because I don't even have an account with them)