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Lady Atlas
I'm looking for someone to put together a line ref (fem-boy ram)for me- front, back, (NSFW bits[can be separate file]), etc ~ I will then print out/color/add accessories/make detail additions (basically build this character off of your line art). I would like to then send your colored lines back to you with a high resolution picture file and pay you to put my additions in digitally, paying for a completed piece as well as the original line art.
I would like to end up with a fully digitally colored ref sheet.

(I feel like this process will simplify things immensely rather than me trying to describe it in plain English or looking for someone who'll build a complete refsheet off of words only.)

Looking for someone who's willing to work with me on the process. I'd be happy to pay well for the hassle. The character is going to end up being a fem/c-boy ram. (The ref would include both female and male genitalia just to be thorough; but if I cannot find an artist willing to include them in the ref, I'll make due with outside links from google later.)

Thanks for any info and consideration,

PS ::
I HAVE looked for several "build your base" sets to purchase and build this character myself. However, the Ram species are not very common so I haven't found their horns/ears/hooves in the packages.

PSS:: If you know of any artist who comes to mind that might be willing/able to help me with this project, I'd be grateful for your help getting in touch with them.
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Hello! i would like to do your request! here some example of my art and price.
Gallery for more arts: Userpage of solaris91 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or solaris91's profile — Weasyl for a complete example of commission i made.

IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :)


character profile 25$:



Slimy Googly Monster
If you don't mind waiting for about a week before we can start your design I'd be up for it (Including the "make a lineart from initial design, then built up on that". I'm pretty much used to do big alterations to linearts so that's no big deal. For examples you could peek into some older design processes here: sta.sh: SFW Process Examples

I can offer doing a front & back view, NSFW close up and a portrait for ~$55. (50€)
If you like transparency and would like to check the options for reference-sheets overall, here is the page for my commission pricing: Commission Info for Yarik -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Some more recent examples:



If you're interested you can contact me via the FA note system or write an e-mail to: 1992rafaelmartin@gmail.com
I regret I can't offer to start immediately but I want to make sure I can provide quick and regular updates. Due to the nature of designs requiring many WIPs and lots of discussion they usually take about one month to complete with regular updates that I try to provide every 1-3 days.
If all that sounds good I'd be happy to hear back :)


Hey there, I could totally do this for you!

Ram like critters are really fun to draw and something I've drawn before!


And just some examples of my reference sheets:
www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSION: Sky Reference by Rott-i-kins (NSFW for nudity)
www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSION: Fmily Reference by Rott-i-kins
www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSION: Alex Dragon Reference by Rott-i-kins
www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSIONS: Egyptian Mau Reference by Rott-i-kins (NSFW for nudity)

This I'm thinking would be ~$45, but I would have to see how complicated the outfit, accessories, and such is to give you a more definitive price.

Looking forward to possibly working on this with you! Just send me a PM here or on FA if you're interested! Thank you!


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Hello! I think that your working process sounds like a pretty good idea n__n

I´ll be glad to draw this fem-boy character for you.

Cost of reference sheet like this $50 USD (Cost could be lower or higher depending on the details and the views number)

You can check my gallery here: Artwork Gallery for cyndybell -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
And NSFW gallery here: Userpage of cynderella -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you are interested, feel free to ask n n

Here is a NSFW reference sheet example: www.furaffinity.net: Commission for shadow_sol21 #72 by Cynderella

And some SFW examples here:

Hello ! If you are unable to find someone else for your commission, I could help you ! I do not mind working off of colored-in lineart, and if you'd like to switch to a written description, I can do that as well easily. I must say though-- I do not do NSFW pieces, and my images may not be edited to add anythint NSFW. But, if you'd still like a reference from me regardless, the price for two fullbody views would be $30, with other fullbody views costing an additional $10 and any other views (headshots, etc) costing an additional $5. Here are some examples of my works:





If you'd like to work with me, feel free to contact me on here or on my FurAffinity page ( Userpage of werewolf-kun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ), or you can email me at volleyball.werewolf@gmail.com


Dead Inside
I'd love to take on this job, your process spunds like it would work nicly you can view my work in these places (somtimes one is more updated than the other)


Some examples of my style: