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Wyvern with kittens(...plus)

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
Willing to pay $200-$500USD

full color, background probably simple as there will be a low light setting.
I'd like a style as seen in Dutch Renaissance, Pre-Impressionist, Romanticist, or even Neoclassicist. Out of all of these the romanticist the most.

I have a ref sheet for the wyvern character but in my private collection. I'll email it to the selected artist.

The idea is my character is +/- 90% covered in shadows, face towards the viewer. Only a wing-hand and most of his face is visible the rest being in shadows. He would look totally evil and ominous if it weren't for the fact that he is dangling a toy for some tiny feral kittens to play with.

This ominous dark thing hidden in shadow. What evil forboding does it have? What dark and cruel intent drives its ambition?
It....it wants to play with kittens?
Huh, maybe he's not such a bad guy after all.

Also on the Ijona page a trio of pregnant situations are seeking artists.

Hiring artists for 3 pregnant situations $30-60 ea. -- Ijona's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


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Hey there, I would love the chance to be able to work on this Wyvern painting for you.

These types of painting styles are ones that I can definitely emulate for the type of picture you have in mind, from the greats artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Carravaggio to Delacroix, Gericault and Ingres.


I'd certainly be willing to try it out, I love painting stuff though I don't have many examples. If theres something specific you'd like to see that I don't have available i'd be willing to sketch some stuff out!
here's my info


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Oh, I don't remember when I had opportunity to paint detailed art!
Here's my gallery
Hedax's DeviantArt Gallery


Hope you like
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I noticed that you prefer the typical digital 2d art commission, but with the price range you’re going for, I can easily make a 3D model of the scenario you have in mind. It seems it would be difficult, in the 2d sense, to capture the event you’re going for, and I think with a 3D model(s), you can view it at any angle for whatever pose you’re going for. You’ll also, if you’re interested, in getting the actual 3D model in several formats (FBX, obj, ZTL, and even a Sketchfab link to see it in its entirety.

And since it seems you’re going for a stylized, painterly type of method for a certain epoch, I can paint the models however you see fit. How I commission 3D models in particular will vary, but since you have a few characters in mind (potentially the tiny feral kittens), I can even do a situation where on one side, the character looks ominous and evil, but on a different side, he may be one of the most compassionate entities when you go beyond face value of how they present themselves. In other words, I can also model the feral kittens, if you have references of them a well, and provide you a high poly model along with a low poly model as well.

I can provide you turntables, renders, and the actual model(s) themselves, but it’s contingent on how many models you want in particular. I’m doing a current commission where an individual wants more than 1 model, and I can discount due to that. I have two ways of receiving payments: 50/50, or 100% upfront. With the 50/50, you’ll be getting the WIP pics and turntables of the model, but you won’t get the actual WIP models; just the final model in low poly and high poly as well. With the 100% upfront, you’ll be getting everything during the journey, and I do this to protect myself from others who may do a grab and go, and never communicate to me again. Not saying you’re going to be that type of person, but just giving you some options in mind.

Here are some examples of my works in 3D, particularly focusing on the facial features:

www.furaffinity.net: Black Elf 3D Model by Linkzelda41

www.furaffinity.net: Dark Elf 3D Turntable by Linkzelda41

www.furaffinity.net: Satyr Turntable by Linkzelda41

www.furaffinity.net: Sophie 3D Reference Sheet by Linkzelda41

linkzelda41.deviantart.com: Red 3 3D Model Turntable

linkzelda41.deviantart.com: Kaa 3D Turnaround

As for the actual body, I can sculpt that as well, but since you want 90% of him covered in shadows, it’s just a matter of capturing the silhouette. But, if you want one of him in full color as a reference along with the scenario you have in mind, I can do that as well. You would be getting him in an A-pose along with the pose you have in mind for the scene. I’m assuming he’s going to be anthro, but it won’t really matter to me since I can sculpt either way for feral.

Feel free to PM me those references if you’re interested, and to get a pricing on how much it would take to do it all for you. Thanks for reading!


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Hey, I'm definitely interested in this. I really love those painting style and it won't be a problem to imitate this kind of painting. I work quite fast, it's usually finished in a few days or one week, for a really detailed piece like yours. Here are some exemples of realistic / stylised drawing, to show what I'm capable of :
If you're interested, contact me at : fowell.contact@gmail.com

baby wolf exemple.png


Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
I really like this idea. And I already see some neat composition in my mind.
I like to play with "dramatic" light schemes, too bad my last example of such thing is 6 months old :\
Also, then you talking about style you mean fairy realistic style with good light or you also want some kind of oils imitation?
My gallery: Artwork Gallery for efudek -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Oil painting look please.