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XBox 360 Live gamers


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ChronicRise is mah name ^.^ you should add mee becauzz i want to hab fun! >.<


snow pirate elite
tag - Isaac Fox

i like have guitar hero 3 -world tour- and metallica
left for dead 1 and 2
modern warefare 2
dynasty warriors strike force.
and command and conquer 3 tiberium wars


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Mine is Mashieru (basically my last name in engrish) though i have silver membership, i'm not planing to upgrade it anytime soon.


U1 S7 P106

I play Rock Band 2, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3... I have a ton of games but those are the ones I play online the most. If you have a game that you want to play online with me, just ask. I should have whatever game you asked for in a few days, unless it's an arcade game or something. Oh, don't let my lack of games that show up bother you. I JUST got a new account, and have barely played any games on it. Still, add me! I'm always happy to have furry friends on XBL :p
Woah... 32 pages...

I won't even bother trying to whore my gamertag out... but feel free to click the xbox button under my pic if you want...


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My GT is Tigera117. My friends list is basically empty and i'm always on. Add me if you'd like, if I have it, I play it


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32 pages? I'm impressed. If you add me, Leave me a message of who you are and that you're from FAF. Mainly play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but I can be persuaded into other games. I have most of the more popular games and anything I don't have...Well, I need some new games to try out and I have gamefly.

Xbox Live Gamertag - ImSumWhatLegit


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I'm looking for more people to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 with. If you're interested, my tag is in my sig along with my stats.

I also have MW2, GoW1 & 2, Halo 3/ODST and I plan on getting Black Ops and Reach :D


Changed my LIVE username to Kurama Bingyi, from TexasGIANT0509.


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GT: Kido Kresh

Games: Halo Reach and anything else we might both have :3

Mainly use xbl for the party chat while playing PC or PSP2 on PSP, but Reach is new so you'll find me on it. ^-^


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GT: monkeybill93
i play mw2, halo- all of them, gears 2, left 4 dead 1-2, saints row 2, red dead.......
add me but tell me that your from FAF
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Pocket Chant

I live on IM
GT: Gamewinner07

I'm playing Reach right now, but I love MW2 and others. Gonna get MoH and Black Ops when they're out.
I'm kind of quiet, but I'll talk if you prod me enough :p


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Gt: SICK as S1N
I mostly play GOW 1&2 and MW2. and dead rising 2 add me if you want.
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I'm more of a casual gamer, but I play Reach, COD MW2 and Team Fortress 2. If anyone wants to add me my gamer tag is I SuPrEmAcY31 I (I don't usually use my headset though)


I LOVE Apples!
WolfxLycan is my GT

I am using friends xbox for a while so I'll be on now. playing either Reach, Sonic Adventure, L4D2, SSF4 and Tekken 6


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GT: HedonistMonk

At the moment, all I play is Reach. But it'll vary from time to time.