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XBox 360 Live gamers


Idling About
I mainly play Dead Rising 2 and Halo Reach, though I'm up for some Modern Warfare 2 as well. I've yet to play co-op in Dead Rising 2, so if anyone would like to play, please add me.
Just let me know that you're from FA if you decide to add me. I'm kind of shy at first, so I apologize if I don't have much to say.

GT: Kodinote

I also appreciate mostly mature behavior, an attribute that most of the XBL community lacks, at least from what I've seen. :3

That Fur In Camo

Wait, where am I?
GamerTag; GreatEvil Toast

I mostly play whatever game comes to my mind at the time but mostly Fallout 3, Oblivion, CoD; WaW (MW2 rarely (I hate the community) and L4D2 (and 1)

Feel Free to send a Friend Invite! :D


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calling all xbox gamer

calling all xbox gamer any xbox furries out my gammer tag is killerfoamy66 feel free to add me love to hear from you guys


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yere been looking for some thing like this mine is killerfoamy66 fell free for ever one on here to add me id love some furry mates to talk to and beat there butt hehe


Box of Beastz
I plays on Live,mostly on Reach and Halo 3..my gamertag is LixarusRaven idc if you all add me :)


Lizard dragon thing
I wish I had me some Halo Reach. Instead I play MW2. It's practically the only game I play on xbox now. :0

GT: FloppyToast2


I'm on live, pm me for gamertag since I'm not on the forums to much.

I play a few games, some indie games. I will be getting Hot Pursuit 3 on release.


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I play with my friend in RL on live all the time my gamertag is:srsslayer55 just send me a friend reqwest (cant spell that for some reson) and fyi i dont know what the srs means its just there lol.


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Well, I've been on Xbox Live for a month now as ChefRuhe. I use it for light fighting games, some indie games (Abbadon, baby!), RPGs, and netflix. So, um, ADD ME! I want more friends!
GamerTag: PunkyFoxy
I mostly play with GuitarFoxy and rarely go public even more rarely talk except if the game is team-based then talk is necessary.
Going for The Real Deal on L4D2 without glitching.
Add if you like though I don't promise to play everyday, need to study.. ^^'

GT: tails552 i like to play blazblue cs, mw2, halo reach. son and sega all-stars raceing and naruto storm 2 add me if u wanna play or chat hehe
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The Pyromaniac, Dood
Mainly on Black Ops, especially zombie mode