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XBox 360 Live gamers

Varjo Ritari

Anyone seen my cookies?
Not sure if youve got the room now, but add HMS Hell Knight if you wish, this goes for everyone else, add me if you like :D


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Anyone who plays Splinter Cell: Conviction, Saint's Row 2, or would actively play games online with me (even though I might not be online a TON because my brothers hog the Xbox all day like it is their life) add me, VVITTEKK


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My GT is Trent McClawz

I'm always up for making new friends and playing together.


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On daily either playing my 15 arcade games or on Borderlands (legit) and Marvel vs Capcom3 ^,.,^ would love more friends
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Dragon d20

I play Black ops and sometimes MW2, not much else right now. Always looking for some good players to play with.


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My gt's: Alpha Sergal

I mostly play shooting games, and also, music games.


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My GT is: DJ Jinxii,
I play GOW2, Black Ops, SSF4, Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm 2, but mostly sit on Netflix while I work on my own game on my computer, feel free to message me, I love having more furs to fool around with ;3.


Is it bad if I on a PS3? I don't see many threads about it so is it... You know bad? and if it is my brother owns a 360 that I can use so please don't be mad!


Faradin2772. Multiplayer-wise, I own MW2, Black Ops, BFBC2 (with Vietnam), both L4Ds, TF2, RDR (with Undead Nightmare), GTAIV (with TBoGT), Halo 3, and Gaylo Reacharound Halo Reach. Spend most of my time lately with BC2.


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everyone add me, i loves chattin and playing fps's! :D also some sports and rpg games ^^ lots of cod series, halo and skate 3 tho :3 mine is

Rawr S

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New to Forums, but an avid gamer. Hit me up with a message - RawrSuka. I play mostly COD: MW2 - BO, Halo, and a variety of RPGs.


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My gamer-tag is AA Z13 feel free to add me, i mostly play black ops but i do have some other shooters like halo reach and borderlands, also have Dead Space 2 cuz its awesome