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XBox 360 Live gamers



GT: sirleafjr
I just got it for my birthday (I'm 15 by the way ^^), and have some games. I just pre-ordered Marvel vs Capcom 3, so let's battle sometime! ;D

Hideki SL

New Member
GT: hidekikun8

Looking for some furs who play SSF4. For now it's the only game I've got :3
Also have Black Ops now.
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Starwind2010 is my gamertag. I play Reach and Black Ops on live, and have a bunch of single player junk.


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CoD : Black ops, halo reach, bad company 2.
look forward to playing, just got live again =3

C-Sec Nova

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My GT is King Gigglez, I might change it soon though, I don't play regularly but I have Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Rockband 3, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, and my favorite Mass Effect 2 XD


loving wolf pup
GT: KSITwiztidNinja

Halo Reach, and when it comes out gears 3
I'm new here as well, my gamertag is Ms Fluttershy, and I would love to play with new people :) , I play halo reach and call of duty black ops right now but I am hoping to expand my collection.


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Feloniousfenrir is mine currently I dont have gold but I can still chat until I get it again. :3


Twat Waffle
Reposting in case anyone wants to add me.

Gamertag: Shoepanda

I play Fable 3, L4D2, Divinity II, Uno, Guitar Hero, How to Train Your Dragon, Splosion Man, Borderlands, Castle Crashers, Arkadian Warriors, Ninety-Nine Nights

I have played Halo but I'm not all that good. I played CoD once XP


I LOVE Apples!
Added Shoepanda and Fluttershy ^,.,^
Just got Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 so Id be HAPPY as hell if I found someone/s to play with.
or on MvC3
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I play live FPS games
GT: FPS Furry Fox
I have pre-ordered Homefront, have Black ops, MW2, COD4, Halo Reach and Battlefield Bad Company 2


The Quick Red Fox
Hey. gamertag is King FoxI.
I play a little bit of everything. Pretty big on FPS's like CoD, and I can get pretty competitive, so if you like winning I'm your guy.
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I should go.
GT: mista POSTmaaan

Right now, I play a lot of Bioshock 2, some Marvel vs. Capcom 3, also have both Left 4 Deads and a couple of GHs and one Rock Band 2.

Hit me up, always looking for new people.


Templar Euchre

Not on anymore. Lost wireless adapter, and the router isn't in my room. I'll either find it or get a new wireless adapter.

Subscription goes to November also...wasted money. Agh.