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XBox 360 Live gamers


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"zR b0Tk1LL3r" I play tons of stuff, Lost Planet 2, Red Dead: Redemption, Crysis 2, Gears, Flashpoint, Armored Core 4A, Black Ops, Kane and Lynch 2, and lots of arcade... I prefer team based stuff and co-op to the meat grinder free4all nonsense. Send me a message if you want to play!


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GT: Funkfist

Just looking for some fellow furs to play with :3 I'm pretty mellow and get along with just about anyone so send me a friend request and we'll see how it goes from there ;D


Ace The Wolf
my GT is shatteredwings. I have COD 4 threw black ops, halo 3 and reach, L4D 1 and 2, BF:BC 1 and 2, about to get portal 2 and cant wait for battlefield 3.


Scurry, Sniff, Flinch
My gamertag is Lycan Mistress. The only games I currently own are Dragon Age 2, Sims 3, Dead Space 2, Dynasty Warriors 7, and I few others I completely forgot about. o_O I had tons of games before, but I was forced to sell them for gas and food money. v_v


My Xbox LIVE Gamertag is "Knight Hsilgne". That's Knight (like a medieval knight) a space and English backwords. "Hsilgne".

You should know, however, that since I discovered FAF I don't get on Xbox LIVE anymore.

(AAAIGH! So many red squiggles! Must do spell-check! Nothing I can fix!)
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Meestur Daezro

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I'mma jump on this bandwagon!
Getting to know a few fellow furs or scales would be awesome!
My GT: Raiken0608.
If ya do add me, just say that you saw this on this thread. Otherwise i'll be like...
Wtf? randomer!? *flails and somehow declines request*


Ugly Idiot
Gamertag: nymphsys
I like to play Halo Reach, Call of duty Black Ops, Oblivion, and generally anything I have as long as someone else would like to play with me.
GT: PrinceOfPwnage7 corny i know.
I mostly play RDR, Black Ops, Portal 2, and NFS Hot Pursuit.
P.S. My voice is sort of squeaky because im 14, but im mature when i play games, i dont scream or anything, honest.


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My GT is Croco83. You can find me playing CoD Black Ops and Forza 3 most of the time, though I may try and pick up on MW2 again seeing as how there's a lot of guys still playing it.


Lookin' fur ya trashies...
CrumblyRug49451 is my gamertag... kinda stupid default thingy... o well!


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God, did I reply to this already!?

Well, here goes nothing.

TheNeonGamer is my GT. I play live. Add me if you wish! I don't bite ;).


Lookin' fur ya trashies...
I changed my gamertag... please stand by... (was such a DUMB name... furryunworthy! :()


The Quick Red Fox
So I think this is my second or third time posting on this thread, but I'm just putting the name out there again. And I'm looking for some people to play Black Ops with. Like right now, from around 12 am eastern to maybe 2. Gamertag is King FoxI, send a message or invite or something if you want to start a lobby. K thanks!
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