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XBox 360 Live gamers


Silly Seme
Hi my name is Jinxii, my xbox live account is Torrak, it's silver because my last account was recently banned. I would love to talk to any other furries out there, I'm a bit lonely.


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Arktic Wolf on Live, I play a few games here and there, mostly Halo, CoD, Castle Crashers, and similar.
I'll play games most of the time, but pardon me if I don't use the mic much, I can be a bit shy/reserved >.>

EDIT: As with most, if you add me, tell me you're from these forums. I've got a wide open friend's list for the most part.
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My xbox live account is wolfman2555 there is no capitals or spaces feel free to add me and I mostly play black ops


Flarei Le Loup
My Live tag is: Peanutmule.

Please add! And tell me your from FAF, otherwise I'll end up going on an inquisition. :U

I play Black ops, CoD 3, Viva piñata, Metro 2033, Oblivion, Tropico 3, and a few other random stuffs.


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Name's StimulatedPuppy :p im pretty chill as F*** but plzzzz don't verbally rape me in chat or text D=

Also i play the shitty games no one else plays like BB2, Homefront, Halo wars, and old COD games =P
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6150 rpm and spinning.
The tag is Fernin. Feel free to toss me a friend request if yah like. :) I play Gears of war 3, Forza, and when it comes out Battlefield 3. I also play Battlefield Bad Company and Medal of Honor from time to time, as well as Halo 3 and Reach.


I LOVE Apples!
Cool, more L4D2 people.
I've been hooked to Dead Island and RE4 so if anyone has Dead island. hit me up cause that's a great co-op game

GT: WolfxLycan (Thinking about changing it but still thinking of names)


Wolfidy Wolf
I primarily play Halo titles but I did rent Gears of War 3 and still have it for three days. If you send me a request make sure to say your from here.

GT: Mitch35542


Ninja Dingo
Hay my fellow furry gamers im looking for ppl to join my gears of war 3 team, if you like to join pleas message me^^ my gt is Hikasu Okami. or if you just like to play some time thats cool to, allways glad to make new friends.


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I suppose I'll add my info on here, been looking to expand my friends list, and it'd be cool to play with some furry gamers! =P
My GT is Lorimaz, and, uh... games I'd usually play online: Crackdown (unfortunately, not 2), Saints Row 2 (and I'll be getting 3 soon), Borderlands, Grand Theft Auto 4, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, and Outland.
Feel free to send me a friend request or message anytime, though, I suppose maybe mention you're from FAF, in case I... er, forget? XD






Gimme some Chicken! >:3
My GT is Blood Sharp
Feel free to add me, it'd be fun to meet some new people
Sadly i have the 100 friends, so send me a message :D


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I has it >< GT: Horse Furry1, Games mostly played: Halo Reach, Saints Row 2..
On Halo Reach, I like to forge, and am an Elite player >< you know, the none human covi alien dudes >< Wantin to start a furry clan of some kind, for RP and stuff, i just need help setting it up.. and keeping it alive :/ PLZ ADD me if u has tis game and stuff.. if not.. well i cant have my F-List full of people that wont play with me ><


IGN: sirleafjr

I'll be playing MW3 on Tuesday, so come play with me.